The Big If

spet. 9-15, 2010

Good Week ‘Syano

The Davao del Norte vice mayors are first confused and complaining over whether they would enjoy the not more than P1,200 per day or the actual expenses for the registration fee or the cost of participation whenever they would officially travel for a conference, seminar, symposium or whatever. The issue that confuses them is the DBM circular that prohibits them from paying registration fee not more than P1,200 while they have been attending gatherings whose registration fee is more than P1,200.

Is the amount allowed for the one-time registration only, or is the maximum  P1,200 budget computed per day of attendance? Other vice mayors are not complaining since their accountants and auditors are allowing them to pay more than P1,200 for registration fee based on the official receipts. There’s a Big If though in the travels of vice mayors relating to claims for registration fee that exceeded the P1,200 limit. If their mayors would sign OK, then they enjoy the perks of travelling. So VMs have have to work the hardest so that they will become mayors someday-Al Rosero

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