Panabo independent Konsehal Blase blazes with NGO causes

sept 2-8, 2010

It doesn’t matter to him giving something wherever you are in the political spectrum as long that he is sincerely giving it just to help and serve people.

Crisp words from Ms. Shiela May Verallo, one of the legislative staffers of City Councilor Emeterio “Em-Em” Blase, an independent candidate from a remote village who landed 6th placer in the race for councilors in Panabo City last automated May 10 polls. He obtained 25,376 votes.

That without the mighty Tadeco backing.

He won more as a non-government development worker than a barangay captain of the far-flung Barangay Tibungol, some 25 kms away from the heart of the city.

But he was one of the candidates voted by the Iglesia ni Cristo flocks. “Wa man ko suportahi sa Tadeco, ang Iglesia lang ug sa mga kapitan ug opisyales sa barangay,” he told the Valley & City Chronicle.

For nine years prior the last May 10 polls, Konsehal Em-Em as the president the known Project Mariphil Foundation,Inc. has been going beyond serving the confines of his barangay since the foundation he leads has a vision and mission of giving services and intervening for the sad plight of the needy and disadvantaged in Panabo City.

For its good management and good track record of serving the poor, Mariphil Foundation, Inc enjoys a solid backing of a German foundation.

Thus, the councilor has been on top of the Mariphil Foundation’s  flurry and scatterings of various projects and services that help so much barangays in the city such as medical assistance, scholarships for the youths, repairs of school classrooms and buildings, provision of rice during Christmas gift-giving missions, installations of solar pumps and solar lights in remote and unenergized villages, and many others.

“Our foundation has infused about P40 million already to assist and help the needy in our city,”Councilor Em-Em says.

The track record of Mariphil Foundation as an NGO serving the poor in Panabo City speaks well for the people’s giving of the first mandate to Councilor Em-Em. Now the foundation has its biggest undertaking in the P10-million worth of converged projects and services at Purok Takyaw in Barangay Nanyo.

It’s one big NGO demonstration village, and tells so much of the capacity of the civil society movement in the country to introduce dramatic change at the village-level even while, for one, Councilor Em-Em’s election exemplies the NGO’s capacity to do engage proactive collaboration and partnership with barangay stakeholders to capture political representation for good governance.

As a legislator now, fresh from the grooves of the NGO and barangay, Councilor Em-Em is blazing through new and challenging frontiers in the field of governance where his leadership, principles, good causes for the poor and disadvantaged and his organizing and intervention skills as an NGO development worker are much sought-after.

“He’s others-, service-oriented person,” says his legislative staffer Shiela May. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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