Janrey denies he bought dads

AUG 26- SEPT. 1, 2010

Philippine Councilors League provincial president Janrey Gavina denied that he engaged into vote-buying in getting his ex-officio post saying that it could just be gleaned from the narrow election result itself where he got 57 votes against the 55 votes obtained by defeated reelectionist Helario Caminero.

He said that had he went into vote-buying he could he have mustered more votes greater than Caminero’s.

In an interview with local mediaman in his office as the Sangguniang Panlalawigan building, Gavina added that he could not dare buy councilors saying “it’s different, they are all councilors, we are all elected officials and it would be an insult to fellow politicians” to give them money to vote for him.

They voted, he added, based on “relationship and it’s friendship that counts”.

He said that in politics if it turns out that the candidate has more friends, then he wins in the election.

Asked on the three paper bundle wrappers for P1,000 bills that were reportedly swept from Room 17 of Lakan’s Hotel, Gavina said he did not knew about it and that the PCL election was just a one-day and not an overnight activity.

“Wa ko nag overnight didto,” he said.

During the session which he first attended last Monday, Gavina stood for a privilege speech thanking for the support he gained from the councilors in the province and assured fellow boardmembers for his dedication as new member of the provincial board.

Interpelated by Boardmember Atty. Raymond Joey Millan who asked whether he would continue the training institute for the councilors that Caminero had started but was not launched, Gavina said that it all would depend on the meeting of newly elected PCL officers scheduled on the next day, Tuesday.

He added he still has “to know first of the guidelines” on the training institute for the councilors.

Caminero had then started the paperworks and coordination for the birthing of the PCL training institute which is planned to provide modular type of schooling for the councilors who have not yet graduated in high school or college to get a diploma while serving their term.

Earlier Caminero said that the PCL training institute was “almost complete” for its launching while a partner university has alredy expressed interest to be a party of it. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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