Fearless Tita BM Shirley Belen Aala is fearless in her Facebook account

Aug 19-25, 2010

Not outdone yet by the young, Davao Del Norte’s senior Boardmember (BM) Shirley Belen Aala has already her own Facebook  account running and streaming hot in the web for quite sometime now.

As of Wednesday, the FB account of Tita Senior BM has already net 264 friends- and the counting.

Fearless BM Shirley, current acting Vice Governor, is having nor fear of uploading photos of her alone or of her in company with loved ones during her pre-election tours in various US states. Or she’s with friends in high places or with the Aeta children in   Sampao village in Kapalong town.

Though her FB profile listed only her sex, but the account is full of eye-catching unedited and unpretentious photos about her personal, family and civic activities.

Her ID speaks for her politics with the slogan: “MaAALAhanin sa Kinabukasan ng Kabataan”, and  just when you start browsing her photos you get a good feel that you’re in for a good trip in the net.

“I like travelling. During my political forlough, I enjoyed life. I travelled a lot of states in the US, in world-renowned tourist-attraction places. Travelling is humbling yourself. I’m humbled by it. I travel light which makes me comfortable. You stroll around wearing just anything you want, and you see people who don’t know you and who don’t ask where you come from, or you see other tourists in shorts. It’s humbling yourself,” says BM Shirley in an interview with the Valley & City Chronicle.

BM Shirley’s FB account has also photos showing her kawanggawa, just some of the services she has making within her “own first 100 days” after she was back in public service    for being elected in the last polls as Top 1 boardmember throughout Davao del Norte.

One shows her immersing with the Aeta parents and children in Kapalong whom she had given complete school supplies and school bags last June. She’s now also personally shouldering the honorarium of a Day Care teacher so that a long-abandoned Day Care building in Mesaoy, New Corella due to absence of a teacher would open up again. Or she’s with his son city Councilor Tristan Royce “Bong” Aala in their joint feeding program in the barangays.

Other photos shows her initiated endeavors in building up rapport with top officials, the Tita being the current chair of new SP’s committee on sisterhood and international relations.

She’s with Vice President Jojo Binay and his daughter Nancy Binay-Alcantara for her NoyBi connections in the last polls, or she’s with Babes Tamano or with national women leaders and other top officials.

Her FB photos in the US show only her 4th trip there. That was September 2009, springtime. She has a ten-year multiple entry visa.

She first went to Maine, a small city which boasts of its best parola (lighthouse), then in succession toured Las Vegas, New Hampshire, Boston, Connecticut and Harvard and back to Brooklyn, where her two daughters are residing and working as hospital nurses. They’re eldest Shirley Christine, 42, and  second from the youngest Nikki Trixia, 34.

She got the opportunity to attend the victory party of Manny Pacquiao after the Pacquiao-Cotto firepower fight in Mandalay Bay,  had a good glimpse of the awesome Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lee Meed in Las Vegas, Grand Canyon in Nevada, went mansions hopping in Rhode Island, visited the famous lighthouse at Atlantic Ocean in Maine, spent halloween in Salem, the known Witch City in Massachussets, and toured Alcatraz Prisoner Island in San Francisco, California.

When she was there in the US, Tita BM Shi hugged so much one of her teenage apos- Zyra, daughter of Shirley Christine, a Claes Nobel scholar thus belonging to an elite international group of scholars in the US.

Claes Nobel is the senior member of the Nobel Prize family and founder of The National Society of High School Scholars.

The Nobel family established the Nobel Prizes in 1901 in order to note outstanding contributions in the fields of peace, literature, medicine, chemistry and physics. More than a century later, these internationally renowned awards continue to distinguish scientists, authors, and leaders in a world forum. Nobel wishes to continue his family legacy by encouraging young people to reach their full potential and make a real difference for mankind.

Much to her elation, despite being junked in the last polls, the Tita BM topped the race for boardmembers.

She was formally thrusted to provincial politics when she won as boardmember in the then undivided Davao del Norte serving from 1995 to 1998.

From 2001 to 2004 she served again as boardmember in the smaller province after the separation of Compostela Valley. And in the 2004 polls she topped throughout the District 1 as boardmember.

Now, BM Aala is seen a loquacious, fightingest, fearless woman legislator in the province.

“I should be fearless and straightforward as I might not be given a chance anymore to speak. So I have to speak for what needs to be spoken,” your Tita senior BM   Shirley Belen Aals tells to all and sundry. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)



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