Everybody’s facebooking in government offices

aug 19-25, 2010


Good Week ‘Syano

Seems that everybody in our capitols, city halls and munisipyos- those who are facing online computes-are facebooking while working during official time.

Being a computer techie, I don’t protest to government workingmen facebooking while working. This could not kill public service as facebooking is supposed only made during seconds or minutes or even hours while involved government men have no work to make or are not facing clients from the public. Maybe, this would improve their efficiency as certainly it’s morale-booster, and inspiring to work while being connected or reconnected with old friends, classmates and loved ones through the FB. The prob though is when one quarrels with one’s an FB’s GF or BF or they break up, then public service can be put at the disadvantage when he or she goes in tantrum or becomes moody, irritant, and quarrelsome to public clients, or spoils the paid whole day’s work in government. –   Al Rosero


The Northern Spy

By Fe Claire TM Honor

Negotiated bidding

This another General Services Officer (GSO) in an LGU is also naughty. He always makes cash advances (CAs) from a supplier whom he favored to win in the bidding by tipping him off the agency’s supposed secret price estimate for the supply to be bidded. So that he can control other suppliers from not bidding much lower price to the price of his favored supplier, he goes around them for a negotiated bidding. So he gives an incentive to each of the non-winning suppliers with a promise that biddings for supply would be rotated to them. So one wins, the next winner would be the next favored bidder. So all of them few become the favored bidders rotated in cycle, getting each of them a share of the loot in each bidding while the winning bidder gets the biggest. The naughty GSO man really makes it clean as all the favored bidders have complete licenses and requirements to bid for supplies in the munisipyo.


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