Dujali to tell about PCL “vote buying” on next Monday

AUG 26- SEPT. 1, 2010

Visibily stung by the potshots in the privilege speech of Boardmember Janet Gavina last Monday’s session, Boardmember Alan Dujali said:  “See you on next Monday and I will tell what they have done” regarding the alleged vote-buying that stigmatized the concluded election of the Philippine Councilors League-Davao del Norte Chapter that saw Gavina’s son Janrey elected as provincial president.

Dujali did not said further, when pressed for more comments to Gavina’s speech in an interview with the Valley & City Chronicle right after the adjournment of last Monday’s session.

There will be no session of the provincial board on the coming Monday, Sept. 30, being a rare 5th Monday in a month, besides that it was declared a non-working holiday. The Sangguniang Panlalawigan only makes regular sessions every regular Monday in a week.

Earlier, during last Monday’s privilege hour, Boardmember Gavina visibly came to the defense of her son now PCL president and Boardmember Janrey by questioning and responding to the issues raised by Dujali in his own privilege speech the other Monday following the PCL election.

Dujali after Gavina made her speech said on the floor he “has no violent reactions” to it.

The PCL election was held last August 13, Friday,  at Lakan’s Hotel in Tagum City.

The Gavinas and Dujali all hail from Panabo City.

In his speech delivered three days after the PCL election, Dujali raised that there was “envelopmental politics” that resulted to the defeat of reelectionist PCL president Helario “Larry” Caminero, a Liberal Party bet.

He particularly blamed some LP partymates in District 1 “for betraying Caminero” and hinted that the political treachery among partymates hit even Governor Rodolfo del Rosario whom he said personally campaigned for Caminero’s reelection fairly and squarely based on “party’s interests above anything else” and without funds.

He dared betraying partymates to show their political colors now before the 2013 elections to know “whether they are with us or against us”.

Dujali’s speech came on the heels of sketchy reports that about 80 to 84 councilors, not 40 to 48 councilors as earlier reported, were given money by “many bagmen” operating in days close before the PCL election in giving money targeted councilors to vote for Gavina.

Boardmember Atty. Raymond Joey Millan of Tagum City in casual talk with Boardmember Hernani Duco of Panabo City and a few mediamen outside the main door of the SP building heard about “80 councilors” who were given vote-buying money while a broadcaster Bogart Saliot said that a Panabo City councilor showed him a text message that they gave money to “84 councilors” to vote for Gavina.

Millan also heard that a day before the PCL election the vote-buying money doled out already fetched to “P13,500”.

Other sketchy reports said that the money given ranged from P15,000 to P20,000 for each targetted councilors.

Millan also heard that three paper bundle wrappers for P1,000 bills were swept from “Room 17” of Lakan’s Hotel.

There was also a sketchy report of a white pickup vehicle parked in the morning of the PCL election in the hotel’s premises being approached by several councilors one by one. Each time a councilor went out and distanced from the white pick-up vehicle he was either smiling or seemingly wore a happy face, a another sketchy report said.

Another sketchy report said that the money given was only P5,000 to each targeted councilor.

But, also after the last Monday’s session, in separate interview with local mediamen at the office in SP building, Janrey Gavina denied he engaged in vote-buying for him to get elected (see separate story).

During the PCL election Gavina obtained 57 votes against Caminero’s 55 votes. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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