BM Janet Gavina comes to the defense of her son PCL prexy Janrey

AUG 26- SEPT. 1, 2010

Second-termer Boardmember Janet Gavina came to the defense of his son now Boardmember Janrey when she delivered her prepared privilege speech last Monday hitting Boardmember Alan Dujali who earlier charged the other Monday there was “envelopmental politics” which ruled the Aug. 13 election of the Philippine Councilors’ League- Davao del Norte Chapter.

In her privilege speech, Boardmember Gavina said that she went out with prior information to the body while the provincial board was still in session and after Dujali’s speech due to the death of her mother.

But she said she realized that she had to answer the issues raised by Dujali “kay basig maanad (he might get used of it)”.

She then reminded Dujali that the PCL election is “non-partisan and that he has no right to say” in bringing the Liberal Party in his charge that some LP members betrayed reelectionist Helario “Larry” Caminero which resulted to the election victory of her son Janrey adding that the councilors just voted out of their “independence” and “personal conviction” in her effort of debunking Dujali’s implied vote-buying charges.

She said that “it’s how you campaign yourself that matters, kung may tiyaga may nilaga” even as she added that honestly she she did not expect that Dujali would have made the speech knowing him as not the one who would go into “sour-graping”.

She also said that she did not campaign for her son, and she hoped that Dujali did not made his speech in behalf of the governor saying that the governor whom she has known to buckle down to work and to forget politics after the election.

Boardmember Gavina also doubted that Dujali had already sworn in as an LP member.

“I would rather think that what (Dujali) stated in in his speech was not sincerely said,” said Gavina, who is now elbowing with her son Janrey in the same legislative council. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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