BM Dujali “under so much pressure from some friends” not to deliver speech

sept 2-8, 2010

Davao del Norte Boardmember Alan Dujali, who earlier tagged there was vote-buying that preluded the election of provincial officers of the Philippine Councilors League (PCL), said that he is “so much under pressure from some friends not to deliver his privilege speech” on Monday’s session of the Sangguniang  Panlalawigan.

In a reply text messagesent to the Valley & City Chronicle, Dujali said: “I have prepared my speech as early as last weekend to dispute their claim that it’s an honest election. I have documented the vote buying and how it was done and I believe that it’s the ultimate bastardization of the league that I came from.”

Dujali was once a PCL president while serving as Panabo City councilor.

Suspense has continued to swirl in the Capitol since the other Monday after Boardmember Janet Gavina delivered his own privilege speech coming to the defense of her son new PCL president Janrey Gavina.

The younger Gavina also denied he did not engage in vote-buying of councilors to win and get his current post.

Earlier sketchy reports said that vote-buying of councilors among the province’s 116 total councilors occured days close before the August 13 PCL elections at Lakan’s Place Hotel with vote-buying money ranging from P5,000 to P20,000 per targeted councilor.

Room 17 of the Lakan Place’s Hotel was also tagged in separate sketchy reports as the room where the still unknown political operators holed themselves in in making their vote-buying activities to the targeted councilors.

Boardmember Atty. Raymond Joey Millan, in casual talk with Boardmember Hernanie Duco and few mediamen, earlier said that he heard that three paper bundle wrappers for P1,000 bills were swept from Room 17.

Councilors from various towns slept in the hotel a night before the PCL election.

The younger Gavina said that the PCL election was a one-day affair and not an overnight one.

Ex-PCL president Helario Caminero had reserved many rooms for the councilors coming from towns to sleep in the hotel a night before the PCL election.

Caminero lost by two votes to Gavina who bagged 57 votes against Caminero’s 55 votes.

Camineo at press time has not yet replied even in text message to this paper’s queries for comments and request for information on who checked in at Room 17.

Sources said that Caminero is busy and “is always in Manila” as he was tapped by the PCL national body to be the “executive director of the PCL Legislative Academy” which he conceptualized supposedly for PCL Davao del Norte Chapter.

Caminero was supposed to launch a PCL training institute or academy which would give modular-type of schooling to councilors who have not finished high school or college studies, but because he lost in the PCL election the responsibility of continuing the project was put to the lap of Gavina.

Gavina said the other week he would still have to confer with the other PCL officers and know first the guidelines on the PCL training academy before deciding whether to implement the project which Caminero had started. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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