Bangkal, newest gold rush area

Sept. 2-8, 2010

The Northern Spy

By Fe Claire TM Honor

Bangkal, newest gold rush area

Nabunturan town of Compostela Valley is a goose that lays the golden egg. It’s the secret golden dragon since its Mainit mountain complex has now many new gold areas even while its old mining areas of Saraban and Inupoan have long been producing gold for over two decades now. The mountain complex has now the newest gold strike at what the miners call as Bangkal.  Words said lately that a group of miners shared 8 kilos of gold from Bangkal, which is in Brgy. Tagnocon. But many smaller gold strikes have been occuring in other gold mountains there, only that miners are secretive but their gold strikes can be smelled anyway immediately or later by other gold hunters when lucky miners start their boastful merry-making. It was Datu Kamini of the Diwalwal fame who started it all, I mean, the too much drinking until one in his corpo was suspected by the Monkayo police to be a holdupper and he squelled their secret. Secrets can’t be forever in Comval gold mines.


Good Week ‘Syano

The Capitol fat paper pusher

Who’s this Capitol paper pusher in Davao del Norte legislative department who makes a lot of claims for his boss father. He’s a fat kid and you see him always in a hurry with the papers and vouchers he is bringing so that his father’s travel or per diem claims would sooner be converted to check and finally to cash. The fat kid has no problem encashing the Capitol check as the Kadiwa office offers check encashment service for checks issued to names of persons, not agencies.

Anyway, in Tagum City, government checks would no longer be deposited for days of  clearing in the bank accounts of those agencies transacting with the Capitol, Pag-ibig, GSIS and SSS. as there are check-to-cash changers who abound in the city. Try those infront the Pag-ibig Tagum office, and yes, sir, madam, your check can be encashed right away upon small perusal less only a 1% deduction from  the total worth. That’s pretty no redtape for the fat kid in service to his boss father.- Al Rosero


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