NEWS: Ex-cop Tagum mayoralty bet says: “I don’t believe on surveys”, “I most credible among us four”

By Cha Monforte, Rural Urban News

april 5

Saying that he is no pushover in the current Tagum City’s exciting electoral race, ex-police investigator and businessman Cesar “Kuya Cesar” Cuntapay asserted that he is “most credible among us four” who are running for city mayor.

He was referring the four as to be consisting of him, City Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy, ex-Governor Gelacio “Yayong” Gementiza, and Congressman Arrel Olano, less the obscure candidate Charlito Amespero, who is reportedly a bugasero.

In an interview, Cuntapay said that his candidacy, although he is running alone without any slate and is lacking of logistics, has offered nothing except his “credibility, moral and spiritual values” over the other city mayoralty candidates even as he hit alleging that each of his rivals has a credibility problem.

He said that as he is running “not for personal interest”, he has with him the “quality votes from conscientious people and those spiritually guided who will deliver my winnability”.

Cuntapay also claimed that he is being supported by “people from the Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and those from the Silent Majority- from the landed gentry, those in the transport groups, professionals and multisectoral groups.”

He also said that a lot of people are volunteering to help his candidacy at present, “this is providential, kay nag-abot-abot ang akong mga amigo” like priests, doctors and lawyers whom he said have given him advices in his current running.

“By giving the people hope and aspiration, that would already be enough for me, I’m happy for it,” he said.

“I’m a leader with commitment, sincerity and consistency,” he added.  

In the same interview, Cuntapay also downplayed survey results saying that he is in the first place a non believer on surveys that are self-serving and are immediately accepted by others whenever the results are favoring them.

“I do not believe on surveys made by someone else… what should preoccupy candidates is just to work hard during the campaign, do your thing as I’ll also do mine,” he said.

Cuntapay is bred under the tutelage of strictly disciplinarian Ilocano parents. At young age, he was educated in an exclusive school for boys, and had studied in a seminary for one year in college, before he became a barrister (graduate of bachelor of laws) and a policeman serving first Manila then to his home city of Tuguegarao , where he retired. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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