NEWS: Dangpanan spins up creative radio infomecial

By Cha Monforte, Rural Urban News


Davao del Norte vice gubernatorial candidate Rogelio “Roger, Dangpanan” Israel is currently spinning up what can be described as a creative radio infomecial over his own turf AM radio station DXDN with which he has long been associated of in a long period that spans almost his lifetime of broadcasting, and also- politicking.

In his radio infomecial, the glib-talking boardmember reminds “all teachers in District 1 and District 2” in the province of the encyclopedias, electric fans, steel cabinets, and other school needs he provided to them, evidently compliments from the provincial government while he was serving as chairman of the committee on education of the provincial board.

After such reminder he asks teachers if they still have none of those educational assistance items they could then freely request from him.

The infomecial, aired daily for long now over DXDN, station of Torres family of the University of Mindanao, has an extro announcing that it is intended for the teachers in “District 1 and District 2” of Davao del Norte, suggesting that it is intended throughout the province where he is currently taking a crack for the vice gubernatorial post. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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