NEWS: “I’m no protege of Cee O”- Briz

Daneco prexy says

By Cha Monforte, Rural Urban News

MAR 17

Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative (Daneco) board president Dean Briz shrugged off tag of him that he is a protege of Tagum City Mayor Rey Chiong Uy citing his credentials and capacity to lead the billionaire cooperative.

“Di ko tuta ni Cee O. Unsa man ko, way buot? Nga paambakon ko ni mayor gikan sa third floor aning SP building, moambak pod ko? I’m a CPA and I need not be dictated. I know what I’m doing.,” he said in an interview inside his City Budget Office in the first floor. He is the city budget officer.

Briz said that the word protege to him did connote that he as a Daneco official is “unthinking, just following” the beck and call of the mayor.

“The point is Daneco as an organization needs to connect with local government unit which could valuably help Daneco,” he added as he cited the mayor’s accomplishment of clearing stray trees, branches and other objects that fall into Daneco power distribution lines which had caused for half of brownouts and power interruptions before the city government contracted the clearing operations throughout the city franchise area.

Briz also laughed off allegations that the mayor and Uy family including Compostela Valley Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy have been planning to privatize Daneco, saying that even the more influential Aboitiz family owning the Davao Light failed to get Daneco before through privatization since “the franchise area of Daneco was made through an Act of Congress.”

He added that unless there is a new act of Congress giving Daneco’s franchise area to private entities, then privatization can occur.

Four years ago, Mayor Uy convened a power summit in Tagum City as his officials called to make Daneco in Tagum City a separate entity.

Tagum City alone eats up about 40 percent of Daneco’s total power consumption and hence contributes almost a half to its income due to the high power bills of the city’s industrial and commercial users such as the malls.

The city cross-subsidizes the cost of electricity of far-flung, non-feasible towns and barangays in Samal Island, Compostela Valley and Davao del Norte and has been instrumental in Daneco’s attaining of its objective of rural electrification.

Briz underscored the importance of the help of LGUs in attaining the rural electrification objective and said that the Uys are just concerned to bring reforms and changes to make its service and management better and effective in serving the power consumers and the public

“Had Daneco not a public utility, Cee O would not have cared for Daneco,” he said.

Briz has been leading several board directors in trying to oust and replace current OIC general manager Allan Laniba, who continued to hold sway over his position with the backing of some board directors and the legal department of the National Electrification Administration. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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