OPINION: The Darjan’s List (Part 2)


By Cha Monforte

feb 25

Today’s frequent long power interruptions caused by low Mindanao grid could have been worst had Briz, Darjan and Co. not made innovations in the enforcement of the contracts to Daneco’s clearing contractors. Or so Daneco board director-treasurer Ananias Darjan Jr claimed. But maybe they just cured one long-pestering problem in Tagum City . Had it not of the strong political will of City Mayor Rey Chiong Uy they could not have accomplished so much in the clearing of trees, tree branches and other materials that fall into electrical lines especially during strong winds to cause brownouts.

We learned that it was then the lack of clearing or rather the inefficient clearing activities of clearing contractors which accoutned for about 50 percent of causes in the power interruptions in the city. Besides pilferage, power interruptions caused by non-clearing contributed to the high systems loss incurred by Daneco. Then it was practised that even if clearing contractors accomplished only 50 percent to the quota of clearing works, the management paid them 100-percent of the amount contracted, claimed Darjan. By instituting strict enforcement of contracts, by October last year clearing contractors would have to accomplish 100 percent if they wanted Daneco to pay pay them 100 percent, and it paid off, resulting to continuing decreases of Daneco’s systems loss from the range of 15 to 18 percent down to single digit to as low as 6 percent, Darjan boasted.  And for that matter, Briz, Darjan and Co. scored. But Daneco OIC GM Allan Laniba isn’t the cause of this. The problem then had long been there before he leads the management.

Since we’re already in the issue of electrical lines, we’ll get from the drawers the issue on pole rental of telephone and cable companies. Darjan said collection of pole rentals from companies which use Daneco’s poles in their respective service lines has been neglected. Uncovered was that the pole rental was still pegged at P3.50 per post, the rate of the 90s while NEA  had already approved in 2006 for its escalation to P270 per pole per year for more than 20 pounds of wire or cable, and P170 per pole per year for less than 20 pounds of wire or cable. The new rate is accordingly justified as Telcos and cable companies used heavier lines and cables made of copper wires while Daneco uses only aluminum wires. Darjan bared that the number of poles Daneco has was not also updated in the years  2006 to 2009, and given the old rental rate used and management’s neglect on collection, it grossed only over P1.3 million last year from this income source. “We could have collected about P40 million,” Darjan said adding that Tagum City alone boosts to have more than 10,000 poles while there are only few towns in its service areas which have no telephone and cable companies. (To be continued)

BLOGS AND BITS: Tagum City is currently hosting the 2010 National Schools Press Conference. It is a coveted gathering each school paper adviser has to attend. Well, you know, a many or a few school paper advisers are de facto legit commission-ners of the printing press, puera delos buenos- unknown to the intelligent campus journalists (no pun intended, just telling no grain of salt on this sleuthing)….At times, OB means not official business but Oli Balay (Owi Bahay). It’s in the ETC in the purpose of the itinerary of official travel that travelling government men gets high in converting OB as time for finest rest and recreation, far away from home…. Davao del Norte District 1 congressional sure winner Anthony Rafael del Rosario (AGR) was recently hit of “good” black propaganda spread again by the Malicious Text Brigade (I initial as MTB) in the province. The black propa text messages asked receivers for prayers for AGR to recover from already Stage 4 hodgkin lymphoma cancer. Stage 4 means AGR’s cancer has advanced already.  Oh, my gulay!  AGR was already “perfectly” and “completely healed” of it many months back, as he responded early last week over an FM station in the city. His father governor and mother Madam Inday were even surprised of it after receiving separately those black text messages. Maybe early election losers who can’t really wage a good electoral fight against AGR are just sour-griping this early before March 26, the official start of campaign period for local candidates…. But it’s well known now that the campaign period for local candidates had long started- last year pa. They have been campaigning already in their handshaking to barangays and in their clever posters and tarpaulins, and in their goodies- rice, noodles, tinapa, etc…. Kodus to the newly elected officers of the Reporters in Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley Assn., Inc. (RDCVAI). Working reporters, being the news and information backbone, in the media industry close ranks to protect their rights and advance their welfare. Thanks there were no kungkos around last Thursday last week at Pots and Grills. (e-mail: chamonforte@yahoo.com)

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