OPINION: Now, The Darjan’s List (Part I)


By Cha Monforte

feb 10 

Verily, when Daneco del Norte Electric Cooperative board director-treasurer Ananias Darjan Jr unveiled his list of 54 deficiencies of the power cooperative it blew in the open what have been long talked about in the corners. The decision of Briz, Darjan and Co. to allow the media to witness board meetings has long been overdue since the time of Amacio. Time now to cut clean and transform Daneco as a bulwark of transparency while it seeks to become an efficient and solvent power service. 

From revelations of Darjan in my lengthy interview, come now the cases of unbonded or underbonded collection agents of Daneco. In one case in Maco, a collecting agent in barangay fled with his collection amounting to P300,000 and until now the legal committee has not yet filed a case against the absconding collector while “nag sige lang sila ug meeting (they just keep on conducting meetings)”. There was also that case in Asuncion where the office of the collecting agent was ransacked. The case has not been addressed also, Darjan said.

Now we know that Daneco’s collection agent in the NCCC Mall-Tagum collects an average of P5 million a day (or P1.25 billion in a year) but the agent is only bonded worth P500,000. What if the agent flees with a day’s collection? Santa Banana! Daneco would surely be going banana with the cool net P4.5 million. That’s including the amount representing the 1.5 percent he earns from doing collection in behalf of Daneco. But this is just a scenario painted by Briz, Darjan and Co.

Daneco as of this time is also saddled with accumulated receivables. There were cases where big and influential power consumers went delinquent with their accounts and still they were not subjected to disconnection for one reason or another. Their ilk thrives these days. But according to Darjan there seems to be the problem in the management- of not making disconnection to these influential people while they make immediate disconnection to delinquent poor, ordinary member-consumers.

Collection of big delinquent accounts can be made through due representation and negotiation as the case of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, who sometime was indebted of about P1 million worth of power consumption to Daneco for his rest house in Samal Island . When negotiated, the pastor paid his due to Cesar. “Sa Tagum daghan pod ang wa tagai ug disconnection notice bisag dapat na,” Darjan bared.

There’s also this collection problem in Diwalwal particularly the uncollected payments from the industrial users like those from the ballmills, cyanidation plants and commercial establishments. What happened was that Daneco before contracted with the barangay unit for the latter to become its collection agent in Diwalwal. But the contract was later voided as the barangay only collected the residential users, leaving the heavy power users- industrial and commercial establishments- to accumulate a total of about P1.3 million in power debt to Daneco. Again, why wasn’t the problem not nipped in the bud before it began was the point of contention of Darjan. But obviously, the problem did not arise during the time of OIC GM Allan Laniba.It was before him. It was before he assumed Daneco’s management honcho nine months ago. (To be continued)


BLOGS AND BITS: Finally, Emily Alvarez, the congressional rival of former Davao del Norte Vice Governor Anthony Rafael del Rosario (AGR) was in town yesterday, according to her office secretary. Maybe, she’s again absent in District 1 today…. Yesterday is the start of the campaign period for national candidates. The start of the campaign period actually had long started based on TV infomecials, especially that the Supreme let go off their wishes deciding that there’s actually no premature campaigning. Move on local candidates now, with your posters and informecials. Congressional candidate Cesar Mancao of District 1 Comval is already beating you all to the draw. His greetings posters all over towns have not earned the ire of the Comelec, there’s no prohibition, it’s not illegal to post anywhere until March 26, the start of the campaign period for the local candidates,. By that time, there’s already a designated common Comelec posting areas. Hurry up, don’t wait, emulate Mancao now…. Gee, my blog at https://cha4t.wordpress.com where the  online version of my column today is posted after two days or so following print is being regularly monitored and read by the Presidential Management Staff (PMS), said a PMS staffer, a friend of mine. It’s where they regularly get provincial political updates from Davao del Norte and Comval, daw. Muah, PMS wants also to have a free lunch like the media kungkos around. Anyway, thanks, for that pat on my back. (e-mail: chamonforte@yahoo.com)


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