NEWS: Yayong denies withdrawing from mayoralty race in favor to Olano

Not YG but CO tops the survey- Rellon

By Cha Monforte

feb 1

Ex-Governor Gelacio “Yayong” Gementiza (independent) has squelched spreading talks that he is withdrawing from Tagum City mayoralty race in favor to his rival Congressman Arrel Olano (independent Lakas).

The talks from the rounds said that Gementiza was “already bought by Olano” as it was not usual for him to make political acrobatics with his alleged “money-making politics”.

But Gementiza, in an interview, charged that if the talks came from the camp of reelectionist City Mayor Rey Chiong “CO” Uy (Liberal Party), “kung mo-withdraw siya ug una, mosunod ko ug withdraw. Kung kinsa man ang mo-withdraw, si CO na kung di siya gusto makatilaw ug katulo mapildi nako (If CO will withdraw first, I’ll follow him. But as to who should withdraw, it would be CO so he could not be beaten by me for the third time).”

Gementiza defeated twice Uy in the polls when they encountered in city mayoralty race in 2001 and in vice gubernatorial race 1992 during the erstwhile undivided Davao del Norte.

‘Kinsa man diay ang nanghatag sa ako ug kwarta? Kung may nakuha man ko nga funding, gigasto na nako tanan sa kampanya, kulang pa man gani (Who gave me money? If I got funding I spent all those to the campaign, it was in fact not enough),” Gementiza replied to the charge that he has been engaged in “money-making politics”.

Meanwhile, independent mayoralty candidate Cesar Cuntapay chided Gementiza for reportedly endorsing Olano saying that it was inappropriate and that it should be him who should instead be endorsed by Gementiza. 

Cuntapay said that before Gementiza filed his certificate of candidacy they had talked to team up for a tandem with Cuntapay as vice mayor.

“But since Yayong did not want to include in his slate the five councilors I brought we failed to agree,” he said.

In the same interview, Cuntapay claimed to have seen the latest “RDR survey” where Gementiza emerged as the front-runner even as the independent Cuntapay hit his three rivals with varying issues.

Cuntapay said that in that “ RDR survey” Gementiza got 33 percent, Olano 27 percent, Uy 22 percent and him 18 percent.

Cuntapay said that the survey ended without taking respondents in downtown barangays which he claimed as his bailiwick since professionals and businessmen like him abound in these areas and that he was carrying an anti-taxation platform of government.

“Kuntento na ko aning 18 percent nako (I’m already contented with my 18 percent survey rating),” he added.

Cuntapay claimed that the “RDR survey” was conducted by Liberal Party in the province which is led by unopposed reelectionist Governor Rodolfo del Rosario and his son ex-Vice Governor Anthony Rafael del Rosario (AGR), candidate for congressman in District 1.

But Gementiza played coy on survey results relayed by Cuntapay and commented “klaroha usa na ninyo (you better confirm that)”.

Gementiza earlier exuded confidence in this election as he reportedly banked on the potential splitting of votes between Uy and Olano and the latter’s possible raiding of Uy’s mass base as the congressman “is close to the Church”.

Uy earlier on the other hand shrugged off the issues and boasts of his opponents citing that his tangible accomplishments in the dramatic development of the city during his two terms as a mayor spoke for his solid track record of public service.

Vice Mayor Allan Rellon, on the other hand, said in a text message that on the contrary it was Uy who topped the survey and not Gementiza.

But AGR said in text message yesterday evening that he had no survey results except for the one which the mayor gave him three days ago and which did not include the results on the survey ratings of Tagum City mayoralty candidates. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

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