OPINION: Qualification blockade


By Cha Monforte

jan 29

Like a Pandora Box, the Darjan’s List springs out a bad state of organizational affairs that needs to be urgently addressed and corrected by the present board of directors and management of the Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative. At this onset, let it be set that these questionable goings-on in Daneco were bared in my lengthy interview with Daneco board director-treasurer Ananias Darjan Jr last Tuesday at the city motorpool compound where the general services office which he currently heads is located.

And from where I sit, these goings-on, I should say, could not be blamed to the present occupant of the GM seat, Allan Laniba, who has been the OIC GM for only nine months now. While the present Laniba-critical directors including their president Dean Briz, also the city budget officer, have been expressing in various fora that they only want change and reforms in the power cooperative while wanting to replace Laniba, it is obvious that they have been  short of their call for reforms and change as, for one, they equate this with the ouster of Laniba.

Second, while they- and particularly Darjan- identified and pinpointed organizational areas that need to be corrected and changed, and have managed to introduce policy- and deliberation-fueled, or call it, harangues-based reforms, there has actually no serious finger-pointing made involving many except one – as to who was or were really culpable and responsible for the “54 deficiencies” listed and brought forth by Darjan on the boardroom table during last Saturday’s failed ouster bid against Laniba.

It matters when there are sanctioned probes and investigations made by the board. It matters most to the thousands of power consumers when heads would roll and culprits are identified, fined, penalized, sued or imprisoned for improper, illegal acts made against the power cooperative that is collectively owned by the power consumers. In the revelations of Darjan, they are only up against the process and it begins with the ouster of Laniba. But evidently the many deficiencies presented do not begin with Laniba’s assumption as OIC GM. They obviously begin before him. Daneco’s “deficient” state of affairs, to reiterate, is a confluence of the previous organizational systems and cultures introduced in different management episodes marked by various GMships. To attribute and pin the blame on “deficiencies” to Laniba cries to heaven for justice.

Let it also be said now that Laniba is not the target in Darjan’s List, in organizational perspective. If the process is only the target, then that is being proactive towards reforming and changing things than being prosecutorial, or than being combative in search for justice. But maybe by being proactive, as a moderate approach, can unmake things that have long been overdue for change and reforms in Daneco. When that happens, then there’s no need to shop around for new Daneco GM and replace Laniba, who is acknowledged by his co-department managers as the most senior over them and is backed up now by the employees’ rank and file.

However, the assertion of Briz and Co. of replacing Laniba with one who is a technical man or specifically an electrical engineer dawns as a caveat set by them as a qualification blockade meant only to unseat Laniba despite that the National Electrification Administration’s bylaws do not really impose this requirement for the holder of GM seat in any power cooperative in the country such as Daneco. Maybe Laniba is not just Briz and Company’s SOB. (To be continued. In my next column- The anatomy of  Darjan’s List of 54 Daneco deficiencies)


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