OPINION: Way Kurat responds


By Cha Monforte

jan 20

Compostela Valley District 1 Congressman Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamorais making another act consistent to his public form. He is an anchor now of his early morning radio program over DXPA FM atation of Nabunturan every Tuesday and Thursday. Well, it’s good that he has been answering charges and accusations hurled by a mosquito press Birada that is being circulated in District 1 barangays in this political season. That little newspaper I managed to get hold by chance has been carrying stories about his failed promises of giving projects to barangays in the district, his alleged non-performance as a lawmaker and his alleged personal enrichment while in public office.

That’s a good side of Way Kurat- he responds to issues and accusations as he has all the right and means to reply in our democratic system. If he chooses a hilarious music stinger in his radio program- that song of Max Survan? “Sa hinambugay magdaug ta”, to poke fun to the accusation that he has been engaged in “politika sa pagyaga-yaga ug politika sa lingaw-lingaw”, that’s fairly being consistent to his old antics of belting out comic scene-stealing dramatics in the supposedly august halls of Congress

The allegations have been rebutted each time he goes on the air since two weeks ago. At one time he even belied an accusation but admitted that he owns not four but only three sabungans (cockpits) in the district as he called the attention of Liberal Party congressional standard-bearer Atty. Jun Lopoz. The congressman is also presently developing a “modern” cockpit ala inland resort with hotel features “ala Las Vegas ” in Sta. Maria, Nabunturan. One source said that Cong. Way Kurat bought an airtime to rebut charges and at the same time promote the candidacy of his daughter Boardmember Maricar, who’s running for congresswoman under Lakas-Kampi-CMD, after the latest province-made survey bared that Maricar is now being closely trailed now by Atty. Jun Lopoz by only 3-percent margin (Maricar gets 30 % while Lopoz has 27%, while controversial ex-police officer Cesar Mancao of Aksyon-Demokratiko has only 7%).

The survey is revealing the chances of Atty. Jun Lopoz. Being an abugado, he’s being seen differently and in favorable light by the electorate. There’s this towntalk that when an abugado runs for congress he has more chances of winning than if he runs for a town councilor as in the case of Nabunturan where all lawyers lost in the previous two elections. That happened, too, for one case in both Montevista and Monkayo, and for a vice mayoral case in Compostela town in 2007 polls. But that’s different to Maco town where two lawyers won for their series of term- Atty. Charles Suelto as vice mayor and Atty. Mario Sapilan as councilor for three terms. The latter is now running for vice mayor vs. Suelto. But maybe fate would be different for now with Atty. Carlo Ancla, who almost won for councilor in Nabunturan in the last 2007 polls. He has already a pondo of votes. Had he not been junked by an ingrate clanmate who campaigned vote-for-one with his rice, Atty. Ancla could have won handily.

Also for now, Jun Lopoz volunteers have also been effectively organizing alternative leaders and volunteers in all of the District 1 villages, remote or near to poblacion, in the besides the favorable mood of the electorate of wanting change this time as they’re already tired of the many ripoffs and scams under the present Arroyo administration. And Atty. Jun and LP presidential standard-bearer Noynoy Aquino represent for this strong people’s clamor for change.

That’s spells the difference in this polls despite the logistical insufficiency of Atty. Jun. But then that’s coupled with the hope that somehow the automation in the coming elections could spring upsets and surprises that would lead in the victory of true people’s choice despite the trepidations of the old money politics. Another conspiracy theory comes up now that says that maybe the May 2010 opportunist voters would still receive money from vote-buying candidates but since their votes could no longer be monitored as they have only to pencil-shade the ballots in clustered precincts ala betting for the lotto while machines do the counting, they would end up voting for what their hearts and minds have really chosen. Di na bitaw na nahibal-an sa naghatag natog kwarta, says one wag.

BLOGS AND BITS: Noynoy Aquino is still a survey topnotcher in the latest Comval survey despite the reported inching up of the ratings of Manny Villar to that of Noynoy Aquino. Maybe that closing in of the ratings happened only in other parts of the country or maybe it’s just a manipulation of  the surveying firm commissioned and funded by Villar to do the survey that would favor him little by little to condition the people that he is, too, a winning, presidential candidate…. There are over 18,000 new first-time-to-vote voters in Davao del Norte. Presumably, these are the youths who could not be bought. That bulk of number could clinch who’ll win in a two-corner fight. To whom will these first-time youth voters vote in the case of Davao del Norte Vice Gov. Baby Suaybaguio vs.  Boardmember Dangpanan Israel ? I bet my five cents in favor to Baby as he’s handsomer than Dangpanan. Dyok!…. The Jampayas-Gonzaga alliance in Mawab town in Comval remains as both Mayor Evalina Jampayas and Vice Mayor Bingo Gonzaga seek reelection in the same tandem. Good for them- politically- as they’ll not spend in the coming polls. For four decades the Gonzaga and Jampayas clans then are arch political enemies. (e-mail: chamonforte@yahoo.com)


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