OPINION: Gibo’s definition

By Cha Monforte

jan 25

We heard it loud and clear the messages of Lakas-Kampi-CMD presidential standard bearer  Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro on Saturday during the breakfast meeting with some 300 administration candidates at Lakan Pakals hotel in Tagum City . But one message that ripped through the ceiling was when he defined who’s magaling at matalino among us.
Well, “Galing at Talino” is Gibo’s campaign slogan. That’s also vivid description of him- his capacity to lead the country. Now to him, the real magaling at matalino are the poor who work and manage to have their families survived amidst the country’s persistent crisis. “Sila ang totoong magaling at matalino,” he declared before that huge gathering.
His audience were seemed dumbfounded. For that one Gibo’s thought, he was stressing the usual obvious- the tradition for ages of putting the burden of economic survival to the people. He may have failed to put his definition within the praxis of his what he would be doing as president if he gets elected. But somehow it shows an upperhand outlook of Gibo’s mind. Letting people do for their own while the government does the work of governing, trying to turn things up under its own prescriptions and solutions that often failed to make usual miserable lives of the majority – the poor- different. And for this dose, Gibo represents a status quo.
Even when he has plenty of good intentions- he talked of Davao growth centers, peace and development, performance of the incumbents who are rooting for him, but such upperhand perspective seemed to spoil the wholeness of his mind. And this is buttressed by his prescription to the issue on aerial spraying in our export banana industry. “It’s just a matter of scheduling,” he said to a question posed. What he wanted is to just inform the people when aerial spray is made, or people will just move out from banana plantations when planes spray over to be out of risk. What, they would have to always run and run away throughout the year in their lives?
Perhaps, Gibo, the candidate, was just not apprised of the communities surrounded by or near to cavendish banana plants. Scheduling of aerial spray has long been done since before, but that doesn’t help in putting people away from harmful chemical exposure. Obviously, this also tells of Gibo’s speck of uppehand, if not elitist thinking- of making people as mere subjects. Why not put instead the toiling people as the basis and anchor of governance? But then this is already belaboring for real democracy, that “by the people, of the people, for the people” phrase, and there’s still that tatsulok- that social triangle  or pyramid where the only the few rule and command over the many subjects. For only this particular score, Gibo fails still to dissociate himself from a commanding President Arroyo. Maybe this tells also why Gibo fails in the surveys.
BLOGS AND BITS: In that breakfast meeting with Gibo, Davao del Norte vice gubernatorial candidate Boardmember Roger “Dangpanan” Israel was so visible. When asked whether he was already smelling victory given the many incumbents present, “not yet” he said…. Ian Neo, who is running for Tagum City councilor, has the looks and ideas for further development in the city. He said if he’s given a mandate, he would work for job generation. Neo is a barangay kagawad and a businessman at the same time…. Laak Mayor Rey Navarro was described by the emcee in that Gibo gathering as the “most seasoned politician in Comval”. While there are Navarro’s types of politicians, there are also bagito politicians despite of their current one term. The latter type doesn’t like to talk with the masa. (E-mail: chamonforte@yahoo.com)


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