NEWS: Election automation brings lowest drop of Davao Norte’s precincts

By Cha Monforte

jan 22

There is a lowest drop of number of precincts in Davao del Norte sinking down by fourfold after these are clustered in view of the coming automation of the May elections.

In the progress report of the Commission on Elections– Davao del Norte provincial office obtained by this paper, the 3,304 total established precincts shrunk to become only 620 clustered precincts or a decrease of 433 percent.

The 620 clustered precincts will serve the 464,788 total registered voters in the 223 total barangays of the province.

Comparatively, in October 29, 2007 barangay polls, 2,293 were clustered from 3,263 established precincts, or a decrease of 44 percent under a traditional non-automated, manual elections.

For the coming polls, Tagum City , which has 794 established precincts, has only 141 clustered precincts to serve its 112,831 total registered voters spread in 23 barangays.

Other towns and cities have these few number of clustered precincts: Panabo City has 114 clustered precincts from 662 established precincts, Island Garden City of Samal– 75 clustered from 347 established precincts, Asuncion – 38 clustered from 202 established precincts, BE Dujali- 16 clustered from 85 established precincts, Carmen- 45 clustered from 251 established precincts, Kapalong- 50 clustered from 258 established precincts, New Corella- 37 clustered from 196 established precincts, San Isidro- 20 clustered from 99 established precincts, Sto. Tomas- 71 clustered from 349 established precincts, and Talaingod- 13 clustered from 61 established precincts.  (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

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