NEWS: DavNor has 18,973 fresh new registrant voters

First-to-vote youths

By Cha Monforte

jan 19

Davao del Norte has a total of 18,973 fresh new registrant voters, presumably the youths who would vote for the first time on the coming May polls.

But the number of these new voters is evenly and scarcely scattered in all towns and cities of the province with roughly each of their municipal or city number delivering an increase of only six percent (6%) to their respective places.

Overall, they delivered an increase of only five percent (5%) to the total 464,788 registered voters of Davao del Norte for the coming polls.

The figures were obtained yesterday from the consolidated progress report of the Comelec Davao del Norte provincial office. It was signed by provincial election officer Atty. Marlon Casquejo after the November 16, 2009 election registration board hearing.

The province’s new total number of registered voters though has only jumped by two-percent increase from the 454,460 total registered voters during the barangay election on October 29, 2007.

Tagum City has the highest number of fresh new voters with 4,441 while San Isidro town has only 623.

The city also stands to be the most votes-rich with its 112,831 voters constituting about 24 percent of the total registered voters in the province, followed by Panabo City with its 87,404 voters constituting 18 percent and placing third is the three-district Island Garden City of Samal with its 52,230 voters.

The hinterland Talaingod settled as the town with smallest number of registered voters with its 9,205 voters, an increase of 3 percent from 2007 barangay election while total voters in Asuncion , Kapalong and San Isidro towns and Panabo City had their number of voters dropped in the range of 2 to 7 percent.

In descending order the total registered voters of the towns and cities of Davao del Norte are: 112,831- Tagum City ; 87,404- Panabo City ; 58,215- Sto. Tomas; 52,230- Igacos; 33,711- Kapalong; 33,407- Carmen; 27,429- Asuncion; 25,479- New Corella; 13,551- San Isidro, 11,326- BE Dujali; and 9,205- Talaingod.


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