NEWS: Tagum City Hall wins in 16-hectare land case

By Cha Monforte

jan 15

The Tagum City government won recently in the case involving 16 hectares of land in Barangay Apokon which could secure tenure and relocate thousands of occupants and landless families in the city.

City Legal Officer Roland Tumanda said in an interview that with the city’s winning after over a decade of legal battle with the Aguinaldos of the erstwhile famed Aguinaldo Development Corporation (Adecor) firm, the Dept of Environment and Natural Resources has decided to award portions of the land that are not yet titled in favor to the city government.

Mayor Rey Uy expressed elation over the decisions and had created a task committee last December to determine the situation of occupancy and residential structures over the land and recommend measures for onsite resettlement of occupants and identify lands for relocation of qualified landless families within, as well as identify vacant lots for city government’s use, Atty. Tumanda said.

The sprawling 16-hectare land had been claimed by Aguinaldos as represented by a certain Gregorio De Carlos with other occupants and urban poor associations including the known Gabayan association joining the claims and petitions over portions of the land.

Some portions though were already titled in favor of Aguinaldos and other occupants, and have already been developed into formal housing sites such as the Dreamville Subdivision.

“The committee will recommend what to do with those who have titled their occupied and claimed lots,” Atty. Tumanda said.

He added that the committee would also recommend what to do with portion of about half a hectare claimed by a barangay official.

“Obviously, it’s too big a land to benefit him alone,” the city legal officer said.  (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

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