NEWS: Intels, assets advised not to carry arms in public places or face arrest under gun ban– Tagum City police

By Cha Monforte

jan 12

Undercover agents including police and military assets are advised not to carry their guns in public places unless they are in pursuit of operations as they face arrest under the gun ban that took effect nationwide Sunday, Tagum City Chief of Police Giusseppe Geralde in an interview yesterday.

He said though that arrested agents and assets due to the gun ban would however be coordinated with and cleared by their superiors, and release of those arrested would be subject to the approval of PNP Provincial Director Jose Pante.

“If he (PSSupt Pante) would say we’ll file a case to those arrested elements under the gun ban, then we will do so,” PSupt. Geralde said.

The city police chief also bared that the city police would also arrest armed police and military personnel who are not wearing their uniform.

“We will even directly arrest those not wearing their uniform who are found to have deposited their guns and signed in the logbooks of malls and other establishments in the city,” he added.

“That’s covered under the Comelec rules on the gun ban,” he said.

For Tagum City , regular checkpoints implementing the gun ban would be put up this week to conduct check and inspection in the entry and exit points of the city,” he further said.

The nationwide gun ban is being implemented nationwide to make the May elections peaceful and violence-free. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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