OPINION: Chutzpah

By Cha Monforte
jan 3
Panabo City Mayor Jose Silvosa is showing fresh image.For too long he’s not that type of chief executive who parrots what his department heads say good to governance in his own turf. He’s often a low-tone speaking mayor, but when pressed on the wall by hail of questions, he would talk back in rathe louder tone and show what’s in his mind.
It was before Christmas that Mayor Silvosa let loose stings to reminisce his past and remind to current Noynoy backers in Davao del Norte. The mayor apparently described these Noynoy backers led by Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rasario and his son Anthony del Rosario to have already such chutzpah to claim they’re the bunch of oppositionists when the mayor then fought hard for Cory in the past while these current socialite oppositionists were then the rapid Marcos loyalists. “I was imprisoned during Marcos time,” Silvosa said.
The mayor’s memory offers a past timeline in the 80s when being with the yellow opposition was show of pride amid the excesses of Marcos regime. But he faulted Cory for failing to handle the country’s state of affairs under her watch, that Silvosa, in rabidly now rooting for Gibo even if he’s the last man standing to vote for him, said he couldn’t give his vote to Noynoy fearing he’ll take the same footsteps of his mother if he becomes the president.
Is Mayor Silvosa just taking the cue of Congressman Anton Lagdameo, who is just the same a rabid Gibo fan? The mayor’s recent reflex was different compared to what he said why the 1st District Congressman Arrel Olano was absent when ex-Ms. Universe Margie Moran-Floirendo declared her gubernatorial bid. “Maybe the congressman (Olano) is alangin to be with Lakas,” he said, while Cong. Lagdameo reasoned that Olano knew the gathering and was just attending an important activity that he couldn’t skip. Silvosa just shot back to my query without giving any reservation. But it reinforced what Lagdameo floated in media rounds. Verily, the mayor is giving a good cheer the Lakas-Kampi-CMD party in the province led by Cong. Lagdameo.
But later we knew that Olano, who is now running for city mayor as independent Lakas, was really “feel slighted” of the activity for Margie’s bid without him being invited to be present at the Lakan Pakals Hotel which is already within Olano’s district. Olano was even qouted to have said “they made a mockery to the Lakas” that he has been a member of for quite a long time, when there was a reported imprimatur from Lagdameo and presumably from former Cong. Tonyboy Floirendo in the attempt to have one of Olano’s rivals organize and finalize the city’s Lakas slate, without of course the last-termer congressman. That was accordingly the reason why Olano ran for mayor as independent Lakas to preempt such obviously “lobotomy” act. In the end, Olano’s COC was without an official Lakas certificate of nomination as the one holding it was his District 2 counterpart- Cong. Lagdameo, the Lakas party provincial chairman. Politics is a-burning in Davao del Norte. (e-mail: chamonforte@yahoo.com)

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