NEWS: Mayor CO says Cong. Olano “long Lakas inactive”, Yayong an alleged “tax evader”

jan 5

By Cha Monforte

Reelectionist Tagum City Mayor Rey “CO” Uy has named names to two of his rivals for city mayorship: outgoing Congressman Arrel Olano to have been allegedly “long been inactive for many years” in the Lakas Party, and former Governor Gelacio “Yayong” Gementiza as alleged “one of the tax evaders” in the city.
“Dugay na siya nga wa nag-apil-apil sa Lakas (Olano has long been not participating in Lakas activities),” the mayor said to Cong. Olano, who is running for mayor as independent Lakas-Kampi-CMD candidate.

In the same apparent political potshot to Gementiza, Uy also turned the table to the former governor, accusing him as “one of the tax evaders in the city” in reply to the earlier charge that the mayor has been indiscriminately raising taxes during his two terms which has accordingly turned off  a lot of businessmen in the city.

Uy said the tax issue raised by Gementiza is a “black propaganda” against him.

He said though that “he is just religiously collecting taxes” for the greater welfare of the city constituents.

The mayor also expressed woe over the virtual absence of slate of Olano as he has only two candidates for city councilors, and the “weak and incomplete city slate” of independent candidate Gementiza, describing it as “signs of weakness” of both of the candidacies of his rivals.

He though failed to described the candidacy of retired police investigator and businessman Cesar Cuntapay, who is running independent without any candidate for city councilor.

Olano earlier said that he decided to run for city mayor in the last hour “to pre-empt” Uy from drafting a Lakas city slate with Congresman Anton Lagdameo’s approved Lakas nominations without Olano’s hand of it.

Olano charged that when Lagdameo did not invite him when Tagum leaders took oath as new Lakas members when ex-Ms. Universe Margie Moran-Floirendo declared her gubernatorial bid late November right in his own District 1 at Tagum City, and when the congressman was eased out in the drafting of official Lakas slate in the city, “they made a mockery to the Lakas party that I’ve long been a member of”.

Uy, in an interview, however said he would not take any chances in the coming polls given his rivals. “Di gihapon ta magkumpyansa”.

Gementiza earlier apprised that with the running of Olano who is said to be “close to the Church and Iglesia”, Uy could be wrested of a big chunk of votes.

Meanwhile, Compostela Valley Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy, in separate interview, said that he is confident of the ultimate winning of his younger brother CO, saying that he is already past of his most difficult electoral battle in 2004 when “it was against all odds” favoring the defeated mayoral administration bet Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr.

“That time CO won despite that Baby had already all- there was RDR, the PNP, the military, and others,” the governor recalled. (Cha Monforte/ Rural Urban News)


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