NEWS: “Create free port, new legislative district in Comval”- congress bet Lopoz

By Cha Monforte

jan 7


COMPOSTELA VALLEY- District 2 congressional candidate Atty. Rex Lopoz (independent) is dishing out new ideas – free port in coastal towns, and creation of new legislative district in Compostela Valley which was immediately labeled as “strange” by pundits here.

Lopoz, in a phone interview yesterday, said that he has “in mind a legislation creating free port to be situated either in the coastal town of Pantukan, Mabini or Maco considering that Mindanao has no free port yet, and with it thousands if not millions of income and jobs would be miraculously created for our people.”

With it, he said, the basis is laid for the coastal district to become a special economic zone that would even serve the southern and central Mindanao and Caraga regions.

But strangely Lopoz is also proposing to gerrymander his own district where he is running for congressman, since “the three contiguous coastal towns of Maco, Mabini and Pantukan deserve to have a separate legislative district primarily owing to the sameness of their coastal characteristics and this is in support the free port. We can make this coastal district as the third district of Comval”.

The lawyer said that “the smaller second district would be composed of Nabunturan, Mawab and Laak and possibly include Montevista of the first district”.

But pundits here immediately frowned upon Lopoz ideas on the creation of the new district as “strange” saying that it would chop off into smaller turf the province’s District 2.

“While such idea can correct a geographical infirmity of making one to travel from the capital town of Nabunturan by passing first Tagum City before he reaches the coastal towns or Laak, it is strange knowing that congressmen usually want to have bigger area to get bigger slice of pork barrel,” said Romelito Juson, co-convenor of the Movement for Change in Compostela Valley.

But Lopoz laughed off the charge saying he is not afraid to serve even in a district with smallest area and smallest population, adding that “true public service knows no confines nor bounds”.

“What the people now clamor is change,” he said. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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