Last Christmas

By Cha Monforte

dec 29

Certainly, each of us has had a unique Christmas. Just last Friday we had such most awaited day in the year. And Christmastime continues to this day as we save, squeeze hard-earned earnings or bat to hit for bucks within the remaining days before the next awaited moment in the year comes for a big bang- New Year.
I travelled on Christmas eve to Valencia, Bukidnon to join, and hug my two kids. Christmas really is without meaning without loved ones in company. ‘Twas a Christmas as portrayed by Yuletide songs about reunion of family, about loved ones coming home for Christmas.
Going out from what has been used to be- from tradition is really heart-soothing especially when it happens during an occasion. I mean, it was Fr. Nonoy (I forgot his family name after an inquiry) of Valencia parish who moved me from the traditional box of hearing a mass. Maybe he celebrated the 9:00 AM mass uniquely as it was Christmas day. In his homily, Fr. Nonoy called up an altar boy and had a dramatic conversation with him to stress his messages. The time of peace-giving was so heart-warming as the priest went down from the altar and shook hands for peace with the mass goers, while everybody else was also rejoicing for peace as we all repeatedly sang “Alive, alive my Jesus is alive forever more” while clapping our hands (The song often sang by born-again flocks just rang a good medley reprise with another Catholic song). The sight of children clapping and dancing, while Valencia lumads were smiling as they were warmly welcomed and embraced by the apostolates, evidently without any tinge of bougeoisie discrimination and hypocrisy, was so moving that would really enthrall your heart and spirit. Before Fr. Noynoy’s final blessings, he also called up a group of blind men at the altar and they rendered Christmas songs that gave me a coup de grace love-struck memory with the parish. By such, I really got a soul- and spirit-satisfying experience mixing with the love and warm with my two kids last Christmas day.
BLOGS N BITS: Maramag town is really booming. So with other erstwhile Bukidnon towns- Valencia City and Malaybalay City. Maramag boosts of its gigantic terminal- supported by many big rounded pillars and steel-support sytems at its ceilings. It’s a wondrous super infrastructure structure. Kodus to visionary Mayor Jose Obedencio…. Valencia continues to be a boom city located at a highland. Gaisano has long been there, and mushrooming medium businesses characterize its central business district…. Heard from the rounds that all barangay kapitanes, mayors and boardmembers in the District 1 in Compostela Valley are slated to go to Boracay after this New Year. Huhumm, guess who will be footing the bill for this extravagant tour-vacation? We’ll tell you the sponsor of this when mayors and kapitanes in the District 2 start to complain unfairness. (e-mail:


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