NEWS: Davao del Norte priest files COC for town mayor

dec 1


A parish priest in Davao del Norte filed his certificate of candidacy for mayorship in Santo Tomas town yesterday early afternoon.

In an interview, Fr. Emerson “Em-Em” Luego, now on-leave parish priest of San Isidro town in the province, that “after deep reflection to a question, I have come to a heavy decision of meeting the challenge of the people of my hometown who want that something must change, and I know that this is a call of God.”

The 36-year old priest added: “Serving the people in public office is another call of God for another mission especially for my kababayans in Santo Tomas”.

Fr. Luego, who is running independent, said that Monsignor Bishop Wilfredo Manlapaz early Monday gave a nod to the priest’s plan, and “wished me good luck” and even advised him not to fall into the dirty trappings of politics.

Luego said that with his running he is considered “on-leave” and could not celebrate the Church’s sacraments

On that same day, Luego tendered a tearful despidada party to his San Isidro parish leaders, laymen and apostolates.

During the occasion, the priest was remembered for the renovation of the San Isidro parochial church and convent he made.

“In our country’s traditional politics, there’s that virus of division, retaliation and revenge. I want to spread the virus of unity that the people will enjoy,” Fr. Luego said.

Although running independent but he said he would be supporting the presidential bid of Noynoy Aquino of the Liberal Party.

Luego would square off with reelectionist Mayor Maximo Estela of Lakas-Kampi-CMD and former Mayor Dario Romano. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

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