NEWS: Comval BM lawyer sends two Comvalenyos to law school as scholars

june 1


Compostela Valley boardmember and 2000 bar exam topnotcher Dexter Lopoz is sending two of his provincemates to study law as his own scholars beginning this semester.

“Comval needs more lawyers now who would serve and work for efficient administration of justice. Eleven years after the birth of our province, we only have one Regional Trial Court, abnormally saddled with over 3,000 cases, more than half of which is handled by only two lawyers of the Public Attorneys Office,” Atty. Lopoz explained the rationale of his own law scholarship.
“Moreover, we have only three fiscals serving seven courts in the province and one court in Tagum City, while the Dept. of Agrarian Reform’s Bureau of Legal Assistants has only one lawyer,” he added.
He said that lawyers serving these offices are heroically overworked and overstressed.
By now, his law scholars Ian Enterina, a resident of far-flung barangay Casoon in Monkayo, and Francisco Maynaban, poblacion Compostela resident, are already enrolled with the newly-established law school in Tagum- the Saint Thomas More College of Law, which commences its operations this semester.
As scholars, their matriculation and and tuition fees would be shouldered by the boardmember, with the two having only to pass all their subjects in each semester to maintain their scholarship.
Lopoz said that his two scholars are only for the start and he planned to have one to two scholars in each year of law studies as they move on in years.
The search of Lopoz law scholars had been going on two months ago and more than a dozen of applications were received from usually fresh college graduates.
Lopoz picked Enterina and Maynaban as his start-up law scholars for their good grades in college and high potentials in service orientation and community leadership. The scholar must also be a bonafide resident and registered voter in the first district of Comval.
The law scholarship of a boardmember is known ot be first in Mindanao and in the country.
Atty. Lopoz placed Top 2 in the 2000 bar examinations and remains yet unsurpassed in his record of placing the highest thus in the bar exams as a law graduate from a law school based in Mindanao. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

One Response to “NEWS: Comval BM lawyer sends two Comvalenyos to law school as scholars”

  1. It is really to hear some good news from my beloved town. I wish there will be more people like you Atty. Lopoz! Someday i would love to help…

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