NEWS: PA office’s many positions in Davnor PG reor plan tagged as overstaffing

may 7
The unusually high number of proposed positions in Office of the Provincial Administrator in the newly approved reorganization plan for the provincial government of Davao del Norte has been tagged to be a case of overstaffing.
In the plan, the provincial administrator’s office tops in the number of new positions for creation as it is to be created as separate department with 150 positions from the existing 85 positions under the Office of the Governor. Thus, 75 positions more are added to the already high 85 positions in its plantilla.
But the overstaffing charge took only a short swipe in the questioning of Boardmember Ely Dacalus during Monday’s approval of the the reorganization plan.
Dacalus in his interpellation asked provincial budget officer Norma Lumain on whether the provincial government has funds to accomodate a “high volume” of total positions in the staffing structure in the reorganization plan.
Lumain said that the filling up of the new positions in the reorganization plan would still be subject to the 45-percent ceiling limitations otherwise existing personnel would suffer by cutbacks in benefits.
“We can create as many positions we have, but we are limited by that 45-percent. Positions created cannot just be funded unless we increase our IRA and local income,” Boardmember Antonio Lagunzad clarified.
During Monday’s session when the reorganization plan was inserted as a measure in the calendar of business, human resource management office head Monica Salido summed up that the reorganization plan has a total of 1,376 positions, of which 817 positions are proposed for creation and upgrading, and 559 positions are existing including coterminus positions. Of the 817 existing positions in the plantilla only 750 positions are funded and filled up.
Salido also apprised the provincial board that besides the provincial administrator’s office other offices that would be created as a separate department are the Provincial Information Office and the Provincial Equipment Management and Project Implementation Office, which would be carved out from the Provincial Engineering Office.
Meanwhile, Boardmember Larry Caminero welcomed the move of making the present information office from a mere division under the Office of the Governor to a full department.
He said that the people must know what the provincial government is doing every day, and with a tri-media that the information department has to engage “we can inform people down to the grassroots”.
He said that good governance means transparency which is revealed by the power of the tri-media- print, radio and TV.  (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

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