NEWS: Maricar plays coy to her unofficial anointment for Congress

Brillantes lauds Ramil’s decision of not running vs. Maricar

april 28

Compostela Valley Boardmember Maria Carmen Zamora-Apsay is visibly playing coy to the unofficial anointment of Governor Arturo Uy supporting her longstanding congressional ambition of taking the place of her congressman father who is serving his last term in the province’s District 1 post.

Apsay said she would be issuing her official statement this week on the backtracking of Lakas partymate Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya from running against her in the 2010 polls if the latter would already have his official statement.

But as she is playing coy on the matte that has had become divisive to the unity of incumbent Lakas leaders in the province, Monkayo Mayor Manuel Brillantes said a text message, “I appreciate the decision of the vice governor. That would seal the unity in Comval.”

For her part, she said in text message”: “I will issue my official statement after the official statement of the vice gov. I don’t want to preempt.”

But Gentugaya confirmed in reply text message sent to this reporter last Saturday: “Yup, vice gov pa rin, hangyo Gov. Chiongkee nga ubanan nako siya sa province (Yup, I’ll run for vice gov again as Gov. Chiongkee asked me to join with him in the province).”

Last Wednesday, the governor said that Gentugaya unofficially heeded him to go for his reelection and not run against Apsay, whom her father Cong. Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora has long been rooting as his replacement.

This even while the 10-man Lakas provincial directorate that includes former District 2 Cong. Prospero Amatong and his son Cong. Rommel have still to meet and decide on the issue on who would be the party congressional standard bearer by second week of May.

The governor also said that Gentugaya would still issue his official statement on his decision the matter this week adding that the vice governor would still consult his family on his decision. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

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