NEWS: Barangay human rights action centers pushed

At Comval Liga ng Barangay congress
april 15
The Commission on Human Rights XI has bared that it is pushing for the establishment of human rights (HR) action centers in barangays in an effort of improving the human rights situation in the country.
CHR regional Atty. Alberto Sipaco Jr bared Tuesday in a talk during the second day of the three-day provincial Liga ng Barangay Congress of Compostela Valley at CAP auditorium in Davao City said that barangays through the HR action centers or action officers can contribute a lot in human rights watch.
He said that the CHR is pushing this given its limitations in resources and manpower.
Barangay HR action centers through the HR action officers, he said, cannot however investigate cases and would only act as receiver of cases of two contesting parties.
“They would then submit documents of the cases to the CHR, which has experts to investigate,” Sipaco said.
He said that especially in the barangays in rural areas, light HR cases usually can still be resolved at the barangay level “as these are not so complicated”, and those that could not be resolved would be elevated to CHR regional offices.
He said that since CHR lacks a budget it could not go through all the HR cases in the barangays.
Sipaco said that barangays have the potential of putting barangay-based human concern into practice and greatly help prevent various HR violations.
Attended by over 1,400 barangay captains, kagawads and barangay staff from over 200 barangays of the province, the Comval Liga ng Barangay congress has focused on the theme on environmental preservation and disaster management.
The federation of the associations of barangay captains in the province is presided by Boardmember Abundio Cubio.  (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

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