NEWS: “2009 my last effective year”- Duterte

jan 5

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said that this year 2009 will be his “last effective year” unless congressmen will not play bad with the country’s Constitution.

In his New Year’s message over his ABS-CBN TV program “Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa” yesterday, the mayor said that in this year he would complete all the projects he has started before he would go out from public office.

Before Christmas Duterte had announced before city mediamen he would be retiring this year and hand the reins of mayorship to daughter Vice Mayor Sara Duterte.

“Hopefully kung dili binuangan sa atong mga kongresman ang atong Constitution, wala na ako ana,” he said after vowing completion of all his projects.

He also wished Davaoenos for good health and good life and determination to weather the incoming effects of the international financial crisis.

“I pray that the crisis would not much hit fellow Davaoenos,” he said.

On the same TV program, the mayor also admitted that the firecrackers’ ban had really given drab New Year’s celebration in the city.

But he said that he had once spent New Year abroad and found that its celebration in many countries was without the kind of celebration that the country has been used to.

There are also firecrackers exploding to meet the New Year in other countries, he said, “but their governments allow it on specific occasion and location”.

He reasoned that Christmas and New Year are rare and special occasions where the family can be together and enjoy even without the firecrackers exploding anywhere.

He said though that he could still afford to have a Yuletide Season with the presence of firecrackers but until such time that people can achieve a higher level of education in dealing with firecrackers.

He added that for one the pyrotechnics industry and makers of firecrackers need to be tied with responsibility on the safety of their products.

Firecrackers should be specifically labeled with the manufacturer and his specific address, he added.

“Unlike now that we could not pursue them to be responsible whenever a firecracker injures and kills people,” he said. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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