OPINION: Radio listening Manny’s triumph

By Cha Monforte

There was so much excitement and thrill in listening the blow-by-blow radio account in yesterday’s Dream Match between people’s champ Manny Pacquaio and Oscar de la Hoya. Manny has nothing to lose, as he’ll cart away the same amount with Dela Hoya- something like 700 million in pesos. But the amount was all besides the point when Filipinos in the country and throughout the world watched the bout with all expectation that Manny would emerge victorious. And he did- quite now so historic, so great of a Filipino, an Asian. Yesterday Manny put once again the Filipinos in world’s pedestal. We could not imagine now if there would be another Filipino boxer who could surpass the greatest boxing feat of Manny Pacquaio.
I did radio listening of the bout and what a thrill did the RMN’s DXDC give me. (The cable-connected TV was under effective control by my 2 kids and it was not tuned to the P4,000-worth pay per view, while the P50 pay per view in a pub is a mile away). I tried Bombo, but it sounded hazy when it hooked up to an Bombo anchor witnessing live Manny’s another flight with history. Besides, RMN did make a good choice of putting two boisterous anchors for the live coverage and two local boxing trainers for opinion. They all watched live the fight in pay per view-set boob tube as it unfolded until the Round 9 KO.

Let’s hear them again:

“Tua ra si Manny mipaulan ug mga kumo. Igo! Igo si De la Hoya! Ayay! Tsk, tsk, tsk, mibarag na si De la Hoya! Medyo nalipong na ug gamay, apan uy…mibalik ang iyang

“Ayay! ang kilay ni De la Hoya may samad na! Ummm…gi-jaban, igo sa iyang bodega, igo na pod si De la Hoya mga higala sa straight punch ni Manny! Yeyey! Manny miduko-duko, atras, abante, abante, misumbag, misagang sa kumo ni De la Hoya. De la Hoya mibalos, Manny miatras na pod, Manny mihimog upper cut, straight punch na pod! Ayay! Umm, umm, kana Manny sige pa, ayay mga higala si De la Hoya na corner na! Na groge na! Gikulata na ug maayo ni Manny, nagbarag-barag na! Mora nag katumbahon si De la Hoya! Ay sayang save by the bell mga higala si De la Hoya!”

“Ayay! Nanghubag na ang mga eyebag ni De la Hoya! Lagom na iyang mga mata! Morag giplantsa na iyang nawong! Ha, ha, ha! Manny miarangkada na pod! Nagpunay ug panagang si De la Hoya, nag sigeg atras! Tua ra! Agay! Na-corner na pod si De la Hoya! Yehey! Uy! Uy! Uy! Misurender na si De la Hoya! Daug na pod si Manny! Pakpak mga higala! Si Manny midaug! Tua ra si Manny mihilak! Nag-ampo sa iyang kadaugan!

It was so thrilling hearing the two RMN anchors who were actually more focused seeing Manny’s movements if not actually cheering for him. And so funny it was hearing them just said what every you and me wanted to hear and see- for the Filipino’s boxing icon Manny Pacquiao to win again.

It was already such anticipated thrill when I watched the pound-for-pound fight in late viewing over GMA TV. As usual, it was full of ads. But Davao del Norte and Comval had to be content of it, since Dream Satellite Cable TV failed to pay Solar Sports the last time our box office superstar fought and won. Worldwide, the pay per view made a killing except in the two provinces.

It’s sayang, but I know millions of baryuhanons in Mindanao countrysides even the NPA rebels in Comval mountains and the MILF under the grooves of Liguasan marsh were thrilled, too, of the fight via the live radio coverage. Alas, there was complete peace yesterday in Mindanao, and “tomorrow is another day” in the words of the losing but sportsman Oscar de la Hoya. (For online edition, visit my blog at: https://cha4t.wordpress.com, for comments, e-mail: chamonforte@yahoo.com)


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