OPINION: Dear Departed

nov 3

By Cha Monforte

The cemeteries were most visited by folks in the provinces in yesterday’s All Souls Day, while those in cities had theirs Saturday, paying visit one’s dear departed. Really, all roads led to the cemeteries during the two-day celebration, which was generally peaceful in our region.Thanks.

So alas, after the kalag-kalag we now train our sight for the Big Yuletide Season. The road is clear for Christmas. For Nabunturanons, it’s such usual replex. After paying our dear departed a memories-filled and prayerful visit, with the family and relatives in reunion, now, today, we wish for merry Yuletide days and abundant new year ahead. Nabunturan has an Oct. 2-3 fiesta, a fixed date,  which is a month before the All Saints/Souls Days.

Tagumenyos, too, are agog for the holiday. The city mayor is now visibly sprucing up the palms and putting up highway lights and decors for Christmas. Include the tallest Christmas tree by the City Hall. It’s good for the spirit. But the city has still its fiesta, the feast of Christ the King, celebrated by the last week of the month. Anyway, the city’s fiesta seems already a part of the Tagum’s Yuletide Season. There’s cheer now in the corners, the global meltdown nothwithstanding.

At any rate, the city’s bankers have laid their first cards last week, and LBP-Tagum assistant manager Ma’am Nice and branch managers of other nationwide banks last week dispelled fears that effects of the global financial crisis are reaching the local shores. Maybe, nyet.

When an internal corporate circular of one bank, otherwise held confidential, was “leaked” to me Thursday, I wasn’t surprise. The net has vast info on the international financial crisis from sleuths, spies and analysts if you’re net-savvy. It’s the A1 info from horses’ mouths that I take more credence. Say, Gob. Dolfo’s last assessment that the banana industry wouldn’t be affected by this Santa Banana! meltdown. Or to Sec. Dureza’s assessment that only our OFWs would later be returning home.

Now, every time I open my Yahoo email address, I always see at the sidebar Barack Obama‘s projected winning votes in the electoral college. At this writing, Obama is getting 333 already against the 181 for McCain. Kaluoy. Everyday, McCain is losing in Yahoo‘s projection. All Obama needs are 270 votes, the majority. I’m an avid Democrat fan, too, and want to see Obama (look-alike of Davao City broadcaster Leo Villareal) sit in the White House. I’m not worrying now. Tomorrow is the US election, and on the same day we’ll know that Barack is the next US President. My fearless forecast and I bet McCain by midday in US time tomorrow (sorry, we’re advance 6 hours to US) will concede as soon as the initial results of the pre-poll survey come out.

This is what the good stuff of the US election is made of: virtually no cheating, results are immediately known, and candidates immediately concede by electoral forecast alone. As to the Pilipins, and to our provinces, ah, oh my gulay! But Barack Obama must be thankful for the meltdown that went out for streak at the hands of Republican President Bush. But he’s no socialist. He’s just the leader of the world policeman. So cheers, too, for Obama’s victory in waiting. We really have good and merry days ahead of us. (For online, visit my blog at: http//cha4t.wordpress.com, for comments and reactions, e-mail: chamonforte@yahoo.com, ruralurbanews@yahoo.com)


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