NEWS: Minority councilors call for new public hearing on P90 M bond float

oct 29

NABUNTURAN- The minority councilors opposing the controversial P90-million bond flotation of the municipal government managed yesterday in their session for the backtracking of the steps the majority councilors by putting anew for questioning the project and its feasibility study and particulars with the participation of the municipal accountant.

Opposing Councilors Alfonso “Jun” Tabas and Raul Caballero got their motion approved to call in municipal accountant Gilda Savellano in their next session by Monday to give her opinion on the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the P90-million municipal bond float that would fund for the construction of a new public market building.

Savellano, a member of the Local Finance Committee, accordingly has preferred a loan option and not the bond flotation which in the earlier LFC recommendation tagged as more costly and has uncertain terms that could potentially run havoc to government yearly budgeting.

Surprisingly, pro-bond float councilor Eddie Minoza, LFC chairman, suddenly moved for the deferment of the discussion of the TOR.

But Councilor Tabas was quick to call for a new public hearing on the TOR, that for the recent three sessions including yesterday has been sought for approval by the majority.

The consensus of six present deliberating councilors was reached to put it on public hearing although the presiding officer Councilor Iluminada Cabuga was insistent to put the TOR on “thorough discussion”.

Vice Mayor Romeo Clarin was not presiding as he reportedly graced an affair at the municipal gym for being the town’s OIC Mayor.

Mayor Macario Humol was accordingly out of town.

Also present in yesterday’s session were pro-bond float Councilors Vivencia Secuya and Cheryl Asion, and also opposing Councilor Editha Arangcon.

The town’s oppositionists have charged the P90-million as exorbitant, extravagant and grossly disadvantageous to the government as spelled out in their running people’s initiative petition to repeal the ordinance approving the project.

Last week, the sanggunian majority denied the petition filed last Sept. 25 but petitioners bounced back by girding to prepare at press time to lodge the petition in higher phase at the Comelec level which they hope could finally result to a people’s referendum to decide the fate of the controversial project. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News) http://ruralurbanews/


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