NEWS: Facing a mountain of court cases, Nabunturan Judge Clapis says “I’m no Superman”

oct 27

Pity the one and only Regional Trial Court judge in Compostela Valley for facing a mountain of court cases for him to decide.

The national average of cases at the salas of RTC judges is only about 800 cases but RTC Branch 3 Judge Hilarion Clapis Jr has todate over 2,700 cases clogging up in his sala at Nabunturan capital town.

For these, he conducts an average of 30 court hearings every working day and at times there are 45 cases listed for hearing in a day. Compared to the 6 RTCs in Davao del Norte, each sala could be fairly content of hearing an average of 10 cases in day, reckons the youthful Atty. Rex Lopoz of the Lopoz and Lopoz Law Group.

Each RTC sala in Davao del Norte has to contend only some 500 cases.

But the friendly judge though is apparently a trier of figures against hard realities dawning in his sala. He says: “I’m resolving cases as fast and as intelligently as I can, but I’m no Superman. The figure is too much”.

For this, Judge Clapis has no penchant of always allowing motions for postponements of hearings saying that “I like many lawyers coming over, debating in my sala everyday”.

He thanked the Integrated Bar of the Philippines- Davao del Norte-Compostela Valley Chapter chaired by Atty. Daniel Campoamor for the general membership meeting’s resolution on Friday asking the Senate and House of Representatives for the immediate creation of RTC salas in Compostela Valley.

Last Friday, in the bid of making justice accessible to the poor, the local IBP Chapter also asked the Supreme Court for two additional Public Attorney Office (PAO) lawyers for each of Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley, and additional prosecutors for the latter province.

The lawyers group also asked the Supreme Court, for the immediate appointment of regular judges in the municipal circuit court for Compostela and New Bataan and the municipal trial court in Laak, which are currently served by Acting Judge Juanito Betonio (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

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