NEWS: Way Kurat asks Singapore embassy’s help for distressed Comvalenya

oct 23

COMPOSTELA – Calling with his cellphone right from his base here, District 1 Congressman Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora has asked the Singapore embassy to help a 23-year old Comvalenya who was earlier imprisoned in Singapore for overstaying and who could not longer be contacted by her relatives in Barangay Ngan in this town.

The congressman right away called on the Singapore embassy Tuesday morning after hearing that Ngan’s lass Vanessa Dendero, who went to work at Singapore on tourist visa, could no longer be contacted in her cellphone since last September 23.

Vanessa’s mother Neri told the congressman that Vanessa was apprehended by the Singapore police last Sept. 4.

Kins of Vanessa thought that she was already released but they are worried as they still do not know of Vanessa’s whereabouts at pres time.

Singaporean chancellor Chioga Yogaineran, at the other line, promised the congressman and Vanessa’s kins to help them locate the Vanessa and inform them on developments.

It was learned that Vanessa went with a group which went to Singapore as tourists but inevitably worked there beyond the allowable period of stay as tourists. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

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