NEWS: Olano admits: “No vacancy for me”

In 2010 polls

oct 23

Last-termer District 1 Cong. Arrel Olano has admitted that being in the Lakas-CMD party he is facing no vacancy in running as an administration’s standard-bearer for higher posts in the city as well as in the province.

In an interview, he said that the higher posts like those of the city mayor, vice governor and governor are already “puno na (filled up)”.

Under the Lakas policy on equity of the incumbent, the posts of the city mayor, vice governor and governor are not open and are up for sure grabs of the current holders who are all reportedly seeking for their reelection.

“Partidista ni (I’m a party man),”he said, “maminaw ko sa plano sa partido (I’ll listen what’s the plan of the party”, asked on what post he would then be running for when he ends his last term by 2010.

But he then turned pious saying that considering the no-vacancy Lakas scenario, he said he would go into reflection, and “would wait what’s the next plan of God for me.”

In his district, there is only one open boardmember’s post available which last-termer Boardmember Macario “Bong” Bermudez is finishing to serve.

Earlier, Olano had told in a press conference that he was training his sight on either of the three options: city mayor, vice governor or boardmember, to which City Mayor Rey Uy countered he was ready to fight any political enemy whom he could not choose. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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