NEWS: P90 M bond float in Nabunturan being junked?

Humol does not mention controversial project in town’s festival opening

oct 16
The controversial P90-million bond flotation project pushed by Nabunturan Mayor Macario Humol during his last term appears to be turning either a hot potato, otherwise it appears to be junked as local officials never mentioned a single word of it during yesterday’s opening of the town’s 14th Simballay Festival.
In his keynote speech, instead Humol drumbeat on his administration’s recent accomplishments such as the P13-million integrated agricultural center in 5.6-hectare municipal land at Barangay Saosao where the farmers’ training center building and new slaughterhouse were inaugurated yesterday before noon after the parade and program at the municipal gym in the public market area.
He called on for continued unity of the people and prayed for paying of respect to one another.
He thanked Cong. Rommel “Bobong” Amatong, who was present, for the P1 million financial contribution from his congressional office for the slaughterhouse project.
Guests present during the festival’s opening included Dept. of Agriculture regional director Roger Chio, provincial senior executive assistant Belo Melendres, who represented Gov. Arturo Uy, who was accordingly on barangay sortie at faraway Panganason in Pantukan, and other municipal officials.
Humol however capped his speech with parting words, “what we have started must be completed.”
He finally recognized in public the donation of Councilor Raul Caballero of an ambulance unit to the municipal government, twice thanking the latter in his speech.
Caballero donated an ambulance he got from his South Korean friends for humanitarian purpose last May and for almost five months now the unit is still being held at the town’s motorpool and is prevented from running as the majority in the council including Vice Mayor Romeo Clarin allegedly did not want it to run “due to politics”.
Clarin and Caballero have been reported to be both aspiring for the mayoral post by 2010.
With the holding on of the ambulance, it was even prevented from running during the July 3 bombing of Park and Go bakeshop which killed three persons and injured 14 others.
It was strange that the donee Caballero, who only wanted to realize one of his campaign promises, was even lengthily questioned by several collegues about the legality of the papers of his ambulance, “that’s why it is still not allowed to run,” said Councilor Alfonso “Jun” Tabas, another opposition councilor.
Yesterday, Caballero drove an ambulance with the same brand and looks to the one left in standby at the motorpool during the parade saying that it was meant for the public to know on the plight of his donated ambulance.
Also in yesterday’s affair, Clarin did not utter about the ambitious municipal bond float, which last Sept. 25 was formally opposed when about 200 petitioners filed a people’s initiative petition to the local sanggunian in their bid of having the controversial ordinance approving the bond float directly repealed by the people pursuant to the pertinent provisions of the New Local Government Code of 1991.
Petitioners led by Caballero charged that the P90-million bond float is exorbitant, extravagant and grossly disadvantageous to the government.
Amatong yesterday announced he would be infusing P15 million for roads in Nabunturan and other infrastructures in Nabunturan. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

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