NEWS: Still no lead in Dela Cruz killing

oct 13

TAGUM CITY- As of Friday during the Sangguniang Panlalawigan’s human right committee hearing, the police is facing a blankwall as to who are the suspects and what is the motive in the killing of former Mankilam barangay captain amd kagawad Noel dela Cruz the other Sunday.

CIDG-Davao del Norte Police Supt. Rowena Garma apprised the hearing committee chaired by Boardmember Antonio Dela Cruz that CIDG investigators had still no lead on the suspects as they only had to contend with pieces of evidences left at the crime of the scene which they were evaluating.

She requested the bereaved family to have Dela Cruz body autopsied before burial even as her CIDG team is on the thick of investigation to arrest the attackers.

Evelyn de Vera, sister of wife of Dela Cruz, told the committee that they were facing a blankwall and a “big question mark”.

Dela Cruz, who was back riding on motorcycle, was waylaid morning the other Sunday at Mankilam and was shot to death by still unknown motorcycle-riding gunmen. Dela Cruz driver Albert Abule was left unharmed.

Tagum City police chief Dario Gunabe, on the other hand, said important in the solution of the case was the full statement of Abule.

He said that he found inconsistencies in the earlier statement of Abule, who said that he did not saw the suspects except the tire of the motorcycle of the attackers when he was thrown out to slump on the road.

“Why he sustained no bruises at all in claiming for that?” Gunabe pointed out.

He said that the driver might be charged of obstruction of justice if he would not cooperate with the police.

De Vera though reasoned out that Abule feared for the safety of his family and was still on the stage of fear as of Friday.

She also said that the Dela Cruz family members also feared for their safety as well.

In the same hearing, Davao del Norte police provincial director Benelito Bianzon also asked the present Dela Cruz kins to trust the police in solving the crime.

He said he immediately organized the Task Force Dela Cruz after the killing with the provincial CIDG as the lead unit in the investigation to pursue and arrest the suspects

The SP human rights committee chaired by Boardmember Antonio Lagunzad conducted a hearing-inquiry on the reported rise of killings in Tagum City with the presence of provincial and city police officials last Friday morning at Lakan’s Place restobar.

Also present during the committee hearing-inquiry were Boardmembers Jose Recarido Federsio, also the chair of peace and order committee, Ely Dacalus, Artemio San Juan, Salvador Royo and SK federation president Dennis Café. Some family members of the slain Dela Cruz were also present. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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