OPINION: Comval in Delano’s probe

oct 10

By Cha Monforte

Cong. Way Kurat Zamora’s chief of staff Robert Delano was shot and killed Wednesday while about to leave for Congress from his house at Kamuning Village in Quezon City. Our condolence to the bereaved family. I saw Robert for a couple of times or so when he was still young as chief of staff of former Cong. Roger M. Sarmiento. It was only the other day that I knew from reports that he was already a lawyer. He surely had studied law while working in Congress.

There’s that report that the Quezon City’s Task Force Delano would be extending its probe up to Comval as it included Diwalwal mining as one of the possible angles. From where I sit, it is remote and perhaps irresponsible police statement when Comval connection was right away included while initial leads have not yet been known. Cong. Way Kurat said that last weekend when he and Robert were biking in an outskirt there he knew that Robert had stopped and talked lengthily over his cellphone with someone. The police could have a good start on this.

Of course, all angles even if remote should be included in the probe. Robert didn’t know me and I’m not one of his friends in this side of the country. I just covered RMS then including the Sarmiento patriarch, grand old man in Davao politics, Don Enchong in the 80s. It was during RMS heyday in politics that I first saw Robert. During the late Don Enchong’s own heyday, I only saw Orlando Carvajal, Cleo Satina and other ex-priests employed in Sarmiento businesses. (I vividly remember now such run-around about a still unpaid full ad billing with Satina -where is he now?. Anyway, that was sure bad debts already after two decades).

I’m no chronicler in Way Kurat’s goings on in his first and second terms. From my sources, Robert seldom and rarely visited Comval even while being the Cong’s chief. I don’t also hear about Robert’s being one of the stakers in Diwalwal mining. In most possibility, Robert must have run afoul with someone in Manila and not in Comval.

Though including a Comval connection is a must to have a comprehensive police probe, that is, if the Quezon City police has not yet identified the motive and arrested the culprits until this writing, but this is sending troublesome implication to Comval knowing that it has still such so-called Comval Unity regardless of the divisive Ramil-Maricar positioning tiff.

The assailants must be immediately arrested, so that justice must be given to Robert who has served Comval by serving as chief of staff of RMS and Way Kurat.

BLOGBUZZ: Will Press Sec Jess Dureza come today or next week to grace for the Press Freedom affair of the National Press Club-Davao del Norte-Comval Chapter? Allan, there’s big problem in the world, which may gnaw at any moment. Our stock exchange might also crash, and it’s better to stockpile camotes now to survive. Sec. Dureza is badly needed there in Manila at the side of GMA today and tomorrow. But the good secretary if he comes can have good view of the present plight of our banana industry with the losing pole-vaulting banana growers… Comval’s vice governor’s post is also considered an open post for everybody among the incumbents to apply. The list of VG potentials is long: Cong. Way Kurat (although he was reported to be running for Compostela mayorship or for governoship itself, but don’t as ex-Gov. Joecab will also run for a three-corner fight ), Joecab himself (he’s willing if he runs in tandem with provincial elder Pros Amatong for gov), BM Maricar (if she’ll abandon her congressional bid so as not to wreck havoc to Comval unity and give the chance to VG Ramil as a gift for his fast approaching wedding this Oct. 18), former VG and BM Ruwel Peter Gonzaga, BM and No. 2 bartopnotcher Dexter Lopoz, BM Moran Takasan, Lito Brillantes, BM Armando Codilla (otherwise he’ll run to be back at Monkayo SB), Compostela Mayor Rey Castillo (if he’s not running as vice mayor in tandem with Way K or with VM Jess Bolo), and Nabunturan Mayor Macario Humol (although he’s reported to be eyeing to be the vice mayor of VM Romeo Clarin or Kons. Darwin Tan or Kons. Menchie Cabuga, who are eyeing for mayorship along with Kons. Raul Caballero) (For online edition, visit my blog at: https://cha4t.wordpress.com, email: chamonforte@yahoo.com, or ruralurbanews@yahoo.com)


One Response to “OPINION: Comval in Delano’s probe”

  1. Hi Cha! I just happened to drop by and read your blog…I felt that I need to post this comment because you were asking where is Mr. Satina now. FYI po, he died last wednesday, the same day that robert died. He died due to heart failure. …. and one more thing, Robert was not a lawyer or even a law student. But because of his experiences in congress, he became a very good legislative chief that made him as the president of the Association of all Chiefs of Staff. He is a great loss to us and to the people of District I of Comval, because he was able to assist a lot of our constituents…

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