NEWS: Only P9 under flexi fare ordinance for tricycles

At P50 gas price
oct 8

TAGUM CITY- Under the newly proposed flexible fare ordinance, the motorcycle fare at the current gasoline prices above P50 per liter would only be P9 and not the present P10, which was effected just two weeks ago.

City legal officer Roland Tumanda said that under the proposed flexi fare ordinance the P9 fare would be effected if gasoline prices would range P50 to P59 per liter.

He said that the proposed flexi fare ordinance was come up and initiated by Mayor Rey Uy, whom he said has heard and felt of the widespread complaints of the riding public in the city after the delayed implementation of the latest fare increase ordinance.

Atty. Tumanda also said that under the proposed measure it will be already the City Tricycle Franchising and Regulatory Board (CTFRB) which he currently chairs which would adjust the tricycle fare from time to time depending on the current prices of gasoline, and thus tricycle fare adjustment would no longer need the lengthy cycle of  legislative process that reaches up the provincial level including public hearings.

On Monday session of the City Council, the new measure passed the first reading and was referred to the committees of laws and of public facilities.

Vice Mayor Allan Rellon said that today the committees will meet to tackle the executive-initiated measure.

Under the proposed ordinance entitled “An Ordinance Imposing the Regulation of Fare Rates of Motorized Tricycles for Hire (MTH) of the City of Tagum” fare rates would vary based on the set schedule.

If gasoline prices per liter (gpl) range P20 to 29.99 it will have P6 for regular fare and P4 for student or senior citizen; P30 to P39.99 gpl- P7 regular fare, P5 student/senior citizen; P40 to 49.99 gpl- P8 regular fare, P6 student/senior citizen; P50 to P59.99 gpl- P9 regular fare, P7 student/senior citizen; P60 to P69.99 gpl- P10 regular fare, P8 student/senior citizen; P70 to P79.99 gpl- P11 regular fare, P9 student/senior citizen; P80 to P89.99 gpl- P12 regular fare, P10 student/senior citizen; P90 to P99.99 gpl- P13 regular fare, P11 student/senior citizen; and P100 and above gpl- P14 regular fare, P12 student/senior citizen.

The fare rates are good for the first three kilometers of the Central District from where the passenger originated, and would have an additional of P1 for every kilometer or every fraction thereof. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


One Response to “NEWS: Only P9 under flexi fare ordinance for tricycles”

  1. Exactly right! Why is it that rollbacks are currently implemented in manila and davao, and yet we dont hear any response in tagum? I as a resident of tagum really feel the effects of soaring cost of fare. I encountered difficulty in riding tricycle due that most drivers choose those passenger destinations only around town. They decline passenger like me residing here in pagaran front of new city hall of tagum. Unlike with the previous P7 fare before, i felt the convenienced but now, OMG!, mahal na, namimili pa ng pasahero!

    May the mayor and officials of tagum grant the rollback of fare as form of an advance gift to people in upcoming Christmas.

    I just hope for the coming fiesta that the city will be infested by people considering fare are so heavy to bear.

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