OPINION: Two kingdoms in one world

oct 1


By Cha Monforte

Provincial sports point man Anthony del Rosario (AGR), the ex-DavNor vice gov, for recently declaring he would be running – surefire- as congressman, has practically doused cold water to simmering political teapot in the District 1. Then Vice Gov. and former Tagum City Mayor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio and Boardmember Roger Israel were much talked of to be interested for the post.

Until that last Kapihan sa Kapitolyo, great lifetime ambitions of Tagum’s seasoned politicians have been stopped by discouraging statement coming no less than from the son of Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario (RDR), District 1’s assumed kingmaker.

Also, Boardmember Tony Lagunzad then trained his sight to the post that the last-termer Arrel Olano would be vacating by 2010. And what about Kons. Oyo, son of Mayor Rey “Chiong” Uy? There was also that little talk then about Oyo eyeing for the same post. But there’s report that he being young has fraternal bond with the youthful AGR. Will Oyo not run as city vice mayor and Vice Mayor Allan Rellon is shoved out to run as boardmember?

It’s Duterte’s magic formula having Sara sit as a city vice mayor during his final term before Sara gets the 2010 mayorship, and by that time Digong will sit as the presiding vice mayor and hence acting as real mayor behind. Second-termer Mayor Cee O, being the acknowledged kingmaker in the city, can have this formula to elevate Oyo further up to the political ladder. After all, Rellon, who is one of his good soldiers, is a pushover on this scenario. Just like in chess, in politics there are pawns.

After such AGR declaration, there’s now silence out here. But wait BM Israel, the non-Dick, could spring out yet like a ballistic Harry in the full coming of the Great Tug of War at the present backdrop of the absence of PDAF, pork barrel fund allocation for the BMs. In fact, Israel in one talk in the rounds retorted he has still not forged a MOA with AGR unlike VG Baby S, who is also proving to be a good soldier of RDR. Without Yayong in the political limelight, BM Roger is fast coming out like a wildcard- in Yayong’s political persona that leaves a lot of eager-beaver voters guessing on which post he would be running.

Yayong’s “last two-minutes” decision moment and his ready COCs- several of which- close to the deadline of the filing of candidacy are still alive and kicking in talks under the grooves of Tagum politics, and BM Israel, also a Masa of a kind like Yayong, has shoved out the latter for recently talking that he’s squaring off against the reelectionist mayor, who countered he’s not afraid of Yayong nor to other political enemies whom he could not choose.

Coupled with RDR’s own reelection declaration, the political landscape now is quite revealing from a hazy one. But there’s potential source of irritation on Yayong’s statement that he’s open to sleep with strange bedfellows by 2010 like RDR, who defeated him, to stage a return bout against the city mayor whom he defeated not once, but twice.  This as several reports said that Cee O would have no qualm in siding with the former Cong Tonyboy Floirendo in the awaited battle royale between Tonyboy and RDR for governorship.

But overall, the present political landscape in Davao del Norte and Tagum City that entered in a new era first spawned by the squabble over gubernatorial post and then by corporate boardroom brickbats within the currently divided clan of Floirendos and Del Rosarios has only painted the picture that the province that was once one mammoth Floirendo political kingdom has been split into two smaller kingdoms, the District 2 one held by kingmaker Tonyboy and the District 1 held by kingmaker RDR with one city suzerainty held by kingmaker Uy. Sa iyo ang Tondo, sa akin ang Cavite.

And such is fully realized if – RDR gets reelected as gov, AGR gets the District 1 congressional post, Tonyboy reclaims his District 2 congressional post and Cong. Anton gets the vice gubernatorial post. It’s one happy but divided family in the making. In such scenario, the corporate split has but become a blessing in disguise. (For online edition, visit my blog at: https://cha4t.wordpress.com, e-mail: chamonforte@yahoo.com)

One Response to “OPINION: Two kingdoms in one world”

  1. Two Kingdoms in One World? I have been a resident of Davao Del Norte, specifically in Tagum City, for more than 30 years now, but never did I heard of such kingdoms. Mr. Cha Monforte, I am aware who the Floirendos and the Del Rosarios are in Davao del Norte but let me correct you that they are not Kings and Royalties in the province. My point is this, most if not all of our elected officials in the province today are just but a mere puppet of the Floirendos or the Del Rosarios or the Uys in the case of Tagum City because they were thinking that they cant win an election without the blessings of this 3 bigwigs. And because of this, the loyalty of these elected officials are not anymore to the people but to floirendo, del rosario or uy. Tha mandate of the elected officials are supposed to be in the service of the people but it is very evident nowadys that it is for the service of the floirendos, del rosarios and uys. Politicians can’t act, on thier own free will, cause they might loose the next elections. What is with the Floirendos, Del Rosarios and Uys have in common that they can control the flow of politics in thier own area? The answer is a no brainer, Its money. Elections in Davao del Norte, Tagum City, is not anymore a battle for the best, its not anymore a battle of competence and pubic trust, its not anymore about debates and ideas, its about who has the money to buy votes. Unfortunately for us, people of davao, we allowed ourselves to be ruled not by the Floirendos,Del Rosarios and Uys but by money these people have. There are a lot of competent leaders that are good enough to be our governor, vice governor, congressman, mayor and etc., the problem is it is not anymore a question of competence but a question of richness and wealth. What is worst, people with political ambitions allowed themselves to be used by these people in the expense of the whole people of Davao del Norte. Check and Balance are not anymore evident in the province, and in the city since the councilors, vice mayor, boradmembers and the vice governor are just a mere puppet of the mayor and governor.

    I will site just one example, how can the boardmembers allow the office of the governor to purchase brand new luxury cars for the officials of the province in the midst of economic crisis? Is it really necessary to have luxury cars for the service of the people?

    By the way, Kingdoms are earned through battles and wars, not by money and popularity.

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