Zero pork

sept 24

Davao del Norte Boardmember Roger Israel must be at least understood when he let loose his sentiment last Monday’s session over the absence again of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) in the Annual Investment Plan of the province for 2009.

So we’ll expect that Davao del Norte boardmembers will be left holding an empty bag again for next year, the time which BM Israel has earlier professed he would join in any fray between and among other BMs in the session hall, kay di na siya mahadlok makasala.

With that prospect, DavNor BMs can only beg and beg to the one holding the provincial kitty at a time when DavNor’s Great Tug of War across all SPs and SBs would already have been heightened.

But under another prospect that a continued zero-pork scenario could open an easy floodgate of raiding incumbents under the baton of Governor Rodolfo del Rosario, the tendency of the one holding purse is to cave in to the clamor of the boardmembers for a share of the PDAF, which is otherwise dubbed as the pork barrel fund for local legislators.

Then, BM Israel might have a point after all in releasing a sigh over his fear of stepping on the toes of the provincial power holders at this early, and in planning to have it coming by next year.

There’s double-edge knife that springs from such statement. One is that Israel is still ready to absorb shocks of not having a pork barrel to live with as a politician always solicited by thousands of begging constituents. Second, and this pertains to time, he might be already courageous enough by 2009 to shake off whatever fear of political reprisals and upsets in his long career as a politician spiced by his jump-hopping acrobatics from the city council to the SP, and vice versa, that in the end, maybe he’ll no longer fear of treading to the other political fence of the Floirendos.

And so he might say, so what if he’s not given a pork barrel so he would still bring a paltry sum from his pay taken home after the usual tolicitors would have their day. For he has the other fence, too, to rely on for huge logistics for his reelection or running to other post. Unfortunately or fortunately, Israel’s colleagues might also be secretly thinking on this. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

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