NEWS: Town anti-bond flotation group ready to file people’s initiative petition

sept 22

The group that has been opposing the controversial P90-million bond flotation project of Nabunturan municipal government is now ready to file its people’s initiative petition before the Sangguniang Bayan after it managed to secure signatures of more than 200 registered voters in town.

In an interview, Antonio M.I. Mencidor, one of those authorized to file the petition complaint, said that the anti-bond float oppositors will file anytime this week to the SB their petition which seeks to repeal Municipal Ordinance No. 2008, that authorized the P90-million bond flotation that would fund for the construction of a new public market in town.

The project has been actively pushed by Mayor Macario Humol who is supported by Vice Mayor Romeo Clarin and eight of the 11 councilors.

Opposing the project are Councilors Raul Caballero, Alfonso Tabas Jr. and Editha Arangcon.

Under the New Local Government Code, a local initiative can be initiated or resorted by a minimum of 100 registered voters in the municipality to directly repeal an ordinance.

The Nabunturan bond float oppositors charged that the said municipal ordinance is exorbitant, extravagant, oppressive and grossly disadvantageous to the government.

In case the SB fails to act or disapproved on the petition within the time required by law, the oppositors have no option but appeal and petition the Comelec, which if it finds the petition meritorious will then set a date to put the petition in a referendum of all voters in the municipality, Mencidor said.

At the latest, the pro-bond float councilors enacted a supplemental budget last month providing an item for “P40-million borrowing”, which had confused the oppositors on why the municipal government would be resorting to borrowing when the local administration has all been telling that the bond float would not engage in a loan. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

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