NEWS: Internet cafes welcome mayor’s probe on Tagum sex scandal

sept 11

The president of the association of internet cafés in Tagum City bared yesterday they welcome the ongoing investigation of Mayor Rey Uy in identifying the establishment where the spreading Tagum sex video scandal took place.

Eddie Silagan, president of Internet Café Association of Tagum (ICAT), said that they are just waiting for the results of the mayor’s current probe.

During last Tuesday’s meeting of the Internet Café Housing Board (ICAB) the mayor called on internet café operators to police their own ranks into not violating the city ordinance regulating the operations of internet cafes such as the allowing pornography to happen and the minors and schoolchildren to play online games during school hours inside their establishments and others, Silagan said.

The mayor has also urged them to unite and not to fight against each other for the internet user market which internet cafes could share in healthy competition.

At press time, internet cafes in the city are already being subjected to close monitoring by the City Hall after Uy mayor issued an executive order earlier this week creating a monitoring group from his own office to strictly enforce the city internet café ordinance.

Silagan, who is the operator of the Aroma Internet Café along Mabini Street, said his establishment itself had been checked and monitored for any violation the other day.

He said they also welcome the mayor’s monitoring saying that internet operators in the city have been wary now after the sex video scandal of a UM-Tagum female student broke out in news last week.

He said that internet café owners worry over implications of the unknown liability in case the internet café where the cyber sex scandal took place is identified saying that what if the establishment is known but the person who recorded the sex video could not be identified among those working in the internet café.

He said for his establishment alone he has two assistants rotating in the shifts in the morning and in the evening.

Vice Mayor Allan Rellon earlier said that the mayor would not hesitate to close down the erring establishment in this city’s own sex scandal that has already spread to cellphones and the Internet.

On Monday, the UM-Tagum administration blamed the still unknown internet café in the city as the one which caused for the spread of a 20-minuter sex video clip of one of its students who later dropped out.

In the much-talked video clip that has stunned the city, the UM-Tagum young female student using a chat user name “Baby” bared sensitive parts of her body and used sex toy penis while chatting with a prodding foreigner chat boyfriend with username “Clyde”.

Asked on the charge that the involved internet café has used a remote access software in stealthily recording Baby’s orgasmic acts, Silagan said it is a possibility but “most of the internet café owners are only more of entrepreneurs doing business and do not know about it”.

He added though that there are internet cafes in the city which have owners, technicians and workers who might have known about the operations of remote access softwares.

He said that for him it would be difficult for outsider technicians hired to do occasional computer repairs to install these programs without the owners knowing it.

He said that internet café operators are usually not experts on the technical side of the business.

ICAT has also welcomed the call for the amendment of the city internet café ordinance with provisions from lessons learned from this city’s own sex video scandal.

Silagan also reiterated anew his group’s condemnation over the use of the internet café for pornography purposes and the spread of Baby’s sex video clip.

While he said the sex video scandal is an “isolated case”, Silagan also described that the sex video scandals “are not at all new” but “common” these days in the Internet. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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