What about the keylogger?

By Cha Monforte

The keylogger is another application that cracks, captures or unlocks passwords of internet café users. A lot of online gamers among the youths already knew this cheat, which is another secret kept by unscrupulous internet café owners, technicians and assistants. Sources said that a lot of trial versions of various keyloggers can be downloaded from many websites.

Some keyloggers are not even visible in the program folders. They’re so perfectly made to hide it from the other users except the one who installed it or the administrator. So with various remote access applications that have cracked wide open the private fetish activities of the pitiful UM-Tagum coed.

As of now, we are still waiting to hear of the veracity of the report that Baby has tried or committed suicide. Wag lang sana. But we’re hoping Mayor Rey Uy, who is now investigating which among the internet cafés in the city has condemned the life and future of Baby, can catch and pin down the culprit.

Whoever had recorded the Tagum sex video scandal must be pursued. He can run but he can never hide. As they say, way makumkom nga aso. If not this immediate, later he or she would be uncovered and captured by the long arms of the law. Only the truth can set us free.

The other news is that the Internet Café Advisory Board (ICAB), an interagency advisory body created by the enactment of the city’s ordinance regulating operations of internet café owners met the other day upon the directive the mayor, and the co-chair Vice Mayor Allan Rellon relayed to us their recommendation of requiring internet café watchers or attendants to undergo an ICAB seminar and secure occupational permit from the City Hall.Certainly, the measure is good as it now documents who are the internet attendants who could have a bad egg who stain their lot. Pity on them- they are mostly working students and informal workers receiving below the standard wages. But unscrupulous IC owners too are also suspects to this sorry affair.

The city’s IT people may have failed to advise the ICAB based on their expertise on the deeper issues on remote access espying made from an owner’s server computer to the ones used by the paying chatters, gamers and users. Forget first now the issue on semi-closed cubicles inside internet cafes and the one about the adjoining or neighboring internet café and girlie videoke bars in the city.

In Davao City, the webcams are placed fixed atop the monitor or CPU. It’s bawal to place it near or so that it could be focused to sensitive parts of the body. That the semi-enclosed cubicle fixture- although it gives privacy- is also being used a little hiding place among the horny money-makers like the Western Union girls who do sudden bra-flipping for money. When we abolish that fixture we are giving meat and not the flesh to the campaign on No to Pornography!

The use of keylogger and remote access applications is a violation to the provision against hacking. Baby was evidently hacked, although webwhoring is also a violation. But I still don’t condemn Baby’s act. All of the horny foreigner chatters, I repeat the horny ones, are online manipulators, deceivers and cheats wanting to pull a fast one from among our chatting women for pleasure. Maybe Baby was just cajoled, sweet-talked by her foreigner chat boyfriend with promise of sending her so much money. Look, the usual horny foreigners are playing around again with our vulnerability out from our usual poverty. And now the irresponsible brown techies – those who know about the high-tech nitty-gritty operations and programs of the computer- are also horseying around their skills by hacking Baby’s various acts.

There are more IT-innocent Babys in our midst. We pray there would be no more Babys from Tagum City and elsewhere who would be victimized by the unscrupulous techies inside the internet cafes.

The best lesson learned from this Tagum sex video scandal is to never bare at all.

But to the stoppable chatting ladies around wanting to have a new lease of their poor, battered lives by chatting in search for foreigner husbands, they better get a Smartbro (sorry I’m no Smart rep) and chat all the way inside their closed private rooms.

The infidel wives might have already killed their still living husbands, or declared they’ve been separated for so many times while the truth is it is not. But if they don’t want a Smartbro inside their master bedrooms for fear of being caught by their husbands, and they may chat outside, but for heaven’s sake they should not bare inside internet cafes as they might end up as hot mamas involved in another sex scandal. Forgive the sexist pun though as it has been really real these Internet days.(For online edition, visit my blog at: https://cha4t.wordpress.com


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