Tagum’s own sex video scandal

sept 2

Two special events happened yesterday- one the tough act of the Tagum City Council and second, the birthday of Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario. The first one was peppered by heavy doses of debate and hues. The other was a happy one- cheers!
We cheer though more for the first for having at least three sub plots or storylines on the burning issues of the day: nematicide’s proposed banning, which was killed anyway as the majority go for regulation, the LTO’s new motorcycle policy that seeks to fine those wearing the unprescribed helmet with P1,500, and which wants only to have one backrider and no cargo; and the Tagum’s own sex video scandal.
But of these three sub plots in yesterday’s edition of the City Council session it’s the topic of a sex video of a young female student from one of the city’s schools that intrigued if not horrified Tagumenyos most.
Sidlak had first tipped about an instance of a breast exposure made by what appeared as a coed in one of the internet cafes adjacent to a girlie videoke bar in the city two weeks ago. On cover of the semi-enclosed cubicle, she was chatting with a foreigner who might be doing a Father Damaso while Santa Clara Marias were taking their bath in a lucid rivers as vividly described in our national hero’s Noli Me Tangere. Now we have this sex video seasoning us on the first day of the first Ber month (which had a mall already playing up Yuletide music yesterday).
From initial information given by several city councilors yesterday, it appeared that the sex video has either of the two ways in its ultimate production.  The sex video was indeed spliced up, with the moving face of a chatting girl, who might not be baring after all, and put over on the head of another animation clip of a woman who bares while chatting (or is this a webcam scandal?). Pending the seeing of this reported clip, it is not yet clear what gadget is used to tape the girl on video- a webcam, cellphone with cam, digicam or videocam?
Clips of these can easily be converted to cellphone file formats or uploaded to Internet free pornographic and video sites such as the popular youtube. Various video file formats downloadable from the Internet and readable by movie and music players in a computer can now be easily converted to file formats and extensions readable by cellphone, and vice versa.
The city councilors may intrude into the techie and unabashedly free nitty-gritty of this high technologies spawned by the Internet and computerization, which is good for their learning to craft a good legislative measure to protect our young, women and their children.
But Councilor Joey Millan has also good proposal of revisiting once more the city ordinance regulating the operations of internet cafes.
There are grey areas that they can fix for the amendment of the internet cafe ordinance, like those pertaining the semi-enclosed cubicles, the locational issue of internet cafes operating side by side or neighboring girlie videoke bars, and the possible inclusion of “one caught in the act” violation which might mete out an automatic closure of the violating internet cafe unless and until a heavy fine is made. There are more issues which an inquisitive City Council can ferret out to put the ordinance on the discussion board and amend it for good in keeping abreast with new trends and realities on the ground, and in correcting weak and failing provisions of local legislation. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News) http://ruralurbanews.blogspot.com


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