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Young female student in porno act from one of the schools in the city
Cyber sex happened in one of the internet cafes in the city

The Tagum City Council yesterday moved posthaste to probe on the reported “Tagum sex video” which is accordingly showing a young female student from one of the schools in the city baring herself in cyber sex.

In a privilege speech, Councilor Maria Lina Baura tipped her colleagues in session that a friend of her had recently received in the latter’s cellphone of a 20-minuter “sex video” which accordingly happened in one of the internet cafes in the city.

She said that the video clip is now being pass around from cellphone to cellphone.

But ABC President Alfredo Pagdilao, who said he had already seen the clip, hinted that it appeared that the clip was spliced to show the face of the slim girl having a different and larger body.

Pagdilao added that in his own probe he had already located the residence of the girl whom he said had already moved out from the city.

Vice Mayor Allan Rellon, co-chair with Mayor Rey Uy in the city’s Internet Café Accreditation Board (ICAB) said that the immediate convening of the board is in order to probe on the sex video and asked councilors to possibly pass an ordinance meting out penalty against makers of pornographic videos.

Mayor Uy issued last year his Executive Order No. 42 creating the ICAB, which counts its members from internet café operators, academe, Tesda, and some city departments and pertinent Sangguniang Panglungsod committees.

Although the reported involvement of one of the internet cafes in the making of the said sex video has yet to be probed on, but Councilor Raymond Joey Millan told colleagues it is high time for them “to revisit” the City Ordinance 227 on internet café regulation enacted two years ago with him hinting an amendment to it.

Councilor Rey Salve, on the other hand, moved that the city council investigation should be confidential to protect the identity of the girl involved in the sex video.

He said he also learned of reports about minors going to the internet cafes during school hours.

But Pagdilao wanted no less that the business of the internet café operator involved in the city’s own sex video scandal has to be closed. “Dapat ipasirado”. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

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