Heaven forbid

sept 8

The Tagum City Government must let its axe fall now so that, proverbially and immediately, heads will roll down from whoever have condemned the life and future of a young coed in one of the colleges in Tagum City already to perdition and put the honor of her family and relatives in the deep, dark quagmire.

In this video sex scandal, that strikes much the hearts and minds of foremost the parents, especially the mothers who nourished, cared and protected their daughters while they were still on the wombs, “Baby”, the pretty young coed was first victimized by a foreigner chatmate-friend usernamed “Cled”, and doubly victimized by the video taking criminal/s.

We pity “Baby” so much for expressing uncensored and fetish innocence on the command and at the pleasure of a prodding foreigner boyfriend, who has ostensibly lured the pretty coed who is so innocent about the stealth and crimes wrecking havoc and unbridled against privacy, life and future in the cyberspace. Truly, in the age of the Internet we’re in already in a Naked Society that our privacies can just be intruded by use of high technologies at the command of the criminal types of techies, programmers, hackers and their funders.

We are most interested to hear on whether those among the internet cafes in the city have installed this so-called remote access applications that can espy on the activities of their paying users. The charge that Tagum sex video scandal was recorded inside one of the internet cafes in the city using this kind of software is serious and is not only giving mischief to the ones who pay for their hourly rates but also violating the city’s ordinance on internet café regulation as well as laws protecting privacy and the rights of women.

We already heard of the statement of the Internet Café Association of Tagum (ICAT), but while condemning the incident is one and belittling it as an isolated incident is another, but these could not compensate for crime that reaches the scale of the heinous in secretly recording a stripping innocent one, who is countryman of their own, before a sex-maniac foreigner knowing that merely possessing a video of it is already risking the life and future of a young Filipina given the implications of its potential spread to cellphone and cyberspace technologies.

We are not yet accusing here as city authorities are still closing in on for their probe, but most probably the sex video clip of “Baby” was recorded in one of the internet cafes in the city by someone, given that café internet themselves have put up firewalls and deep freeze technologies that blocks and kills viruses, hackers and remote access intruders.

We further say to tell it to the marines the call to stop the further the spread of Tagum sex video as internet café owners themselves pretty know well that a sex video clip once this is uploaded and shared to pornographic sites owned by who else but the satanic maniacs it sticks there til eternity. In this Internet era without bounds and barriers, an upload of one triggers millions of downloads worldwide and it spreads in unknown scale and intensity to thousands and millions of cellphones. While there’s yet no international protocol that sanctions for deletion of files in an Internet populated by billions of websites, against these high technologies, “Baby” is totally helpless in preventing her own sex video from further spreading.

The city government has its own Information Technology department as well as the provincial government can beef up its own IT people to immediately deploy now, based on the city ordinance, to conduct inspection of all the computers in all internet cafes in the city to find out whether remote access applications have been installed, and trace its marks in program files, cookies and logs while from among them they could not yet reformat  and re-install programs in the hard disks of their computers.

The monitors and the police on the other hand should look for the similarities of the settings in the internet cafes as to the physical leads shown in the cubicle used by “Baby”.

Councilor Joey Millan has a point in saying that the city council needs to re-visit the city ordinance on internet café regulation for an amendment.

These and many more, as we don’t want to see that in one day it’s already our own very own daughters that the world in lust have been feasting on til eternity. Heavens forbid. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News) http://ruralurbanews.blogspot.com


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